Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 40 & 41 Mother's Day Call and the Baptism of Roberto

Hey Family,                                                                                              May 18, 2015

Well, I guess I will just start all of my letters off with the same sentence.  This week has gone by way to fast.  We just had transfer calls and I am still staying here in Hamburg for one more transfer.  I am happy. I am not done with Hamburg yet.  There can be a chance that I will be gone next one, but we do not think about that.  We only think about what we have to do here now.

We are starting to come up on the end of June, and as a mission, our Mission President set the goal that we have 250 baptisms by the end of june.  That is two baptisms per companionship.  Needless to say, in our zone, we have alot of catching up to do.  So we have been trying to work really hard and close with the companionships in our zone to help them make this goal and see some of the great miracles that are in their areas. 

We also had a friend of ours, his name is Roberto, and he was baptized yesterday!  It was great to see him and to hear his testimony afterwards.  He is from Italy and so he only speaks Italian.  We have one member here who served his mission in Italy and so he helped us out tons for this last few weeks.  And so Roberto was able to bear his testimony afterwards and it was great.

We also saw a great miracle this last week.  We met this lady about one week ago on the bus.  It was really funny, we had an appointment with one of our investigators at KFC (yes there is only 1 here in Hamburg at the Main Train Station) and so in order to stay there, we had to buy food.  So we walk into this bus with KFC leftovers, and some random guy thought we were tourists and so he spoke to us in English the whole time about Germany.  We were like, Heck Yea!  But then  two stops later, he got off the bus and we were really bummed.  But afterwards, this lady Nicole, overheard us speaking in English and she saw our name badges and asked us if we were Mormons.  We said yes, and she went on to explain that a week ago, she visited Utah and the Salt Lake City Temple and thought just everything was gorgeous.  She was so impressed with how everyone was acting and how mormons guide and lead their lives.  We then exchanged information.  Well, last week she called us. And she really wanted to come to our church service.  She was not able to come, but came afterwards and we were able to show her around the church and she just loved it.  We are going to meet with her again tomorrow.  I am grateful for awesome Mormons who were such a great example to her that she wanted to talk to us on the bus in Germany and ask us why.  

Tell Jane that I said congratulations and to start brushing up on her spanish and preach my gospel.  And be ready to meet some great people.  We have some members in our ward from Equador and they are the coolest people ever!  They invite us over sometimes, and they cannot even speak English or German, but they have such a strong testimony!

Well, miss you all and love you all as well!  Talk to you next week!

Elder Bretzing


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