Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WEEK 42- IPads are here!!! in the Germany Berlin Mission

Well this is really weird now, 

The iPads finally arrived! We received a text message on Monday telling us that we need to get to Berlin on Thursday for "specialized" training for the iPads.  We really talked the whole time about how we are going to use them in our finding efforts.  But that was really fun because we had to steal a car and drive all the way to Berlin on Thursday at 5 in the morning.  That was an experience.  And then we had to come right back and distribute the iPads.

They are great tools if we use them like that.  I have already seen how much of a distraction and temptation they can be and I have only had it for about 3 days.  But I am really excited to be apart of this next phase of missionary work.  The lord is truly hastening his work.

And we are a part of it.  I am looking forward to be able to soon go and find people on the Internet and through social media.  It freaks me out to go back to Facebook but I think I will be ok.  It was weird because yesterday I was able to add my president on Facebook and that was funny.

The work continues here in Hamburg.  There really is nothing too important that went on other than that.  It is really hard to keep track of time.  I feel like it is a super roller coaster of time.
Sometimes it feels like it goes super fast, and sometimes it feels like forever.  But I am having a great time here.  No worries about me.  Hopefully you will be getting more pictures now but we will see. 

I love you all!! I hope everything is going well. Ack home!! (Get used to seeing more autocorrect like that!) Love, Elder Bretzing 

Sent from my iPad <----- that. Is really. Weird

                                                 This was taken at our zone training meeting...
                                                                Configuring all the iPads

                                        This is Roberto (right) from Italy our newest member
                                     and the coolest guy I know. Anes (left, he knows Italian)


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