Monday, November 9, 2015

WEEK 11-9-15

Hey Family,

I hope everything is going good back home.  I didn't receive a letter
but I know I will probably get one later.  This week has been long.

Man, I am really tired.  We have been non stop this last week.  We
were either at appointments with members or some of our friends and we
were always going.  There has not been any down time.  We are never at
home, but when we are, it's always cleaning or trying to update papers
and writing or planning for meetings.  It's sometimes stressful,
especially whenever there is something new.  It has been a struggle
just to stay one day ahead of all the planned activities but before we
know it, the next day comes and there is so much we have to plan for
that day. I feel like sometimes it's necessary to stop and take a
breath sometimes.

On an update on our area:
We had a leadership training meeting this last week in Hamburg.  It
was so much fun to be there and to enjoy the time in Hamburg again.
We were walking through the main train station and I saw two people
that I knew back from those days.  It was really funny.  We talked a
lot about mission stuff this last conference. The mission is a very
interesting place right now.  I bet Kevin understands seeing a new
mission president when they split his mission.  And so it's like that
and just trying to keep everyone together in unity.
We also got a new bishop in our ward this last week.  It was crazy and
completely not seen, at least I did not expect it and sometimes the
missionaries are the last ones to know about things.  But I am excited
to really get a side view of changes in the church because I always
thought these events were interesting.

We have had also a lot of cool experiences here in Kiel.  And I am
very grateful for them. I always used to take it lightly when people
said count your blessings, but it's those small blessings that get you
through the day and knowing that we will be able to get through the
tomorrow as well.  For example, my companion and I came together two
weeks ago and made a plan of how we want to see our area by the end of
the month.  And we felt strongly that we could find two people who are
ready in their lives to accept the gospel. The next day we found a
student in the bus and now she wants to get baptized.  And through all
this, you have to try to keep your head calm and thinking about them.
We are trying to help her all we can to come to know more.  I am
grateful to be able to count my blessings and see the hand of the lord
in my life.

Well I love you all and I will be waiting for the news update from home!
Love, Elder Bretzing

Even the missionaries are involved with THE FORCE

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