Monday, November 2, 2015

WEEK 11-2-15

Well, it's another new week here in Kiel. And there was a lot that got done.

My new companions name is Elder Lauder.  He is s great.  A very good missionary.  It was really funny because our apartment is really dirty.  And I never saw it. With my last companion, we were always out the apartment and we did not even notice it.  But with elder Lauder, he saw it instantly.  And no other missionaries ever really cleaned the apartment so intense.  So now we have been cleaning like crazy.
It reminds me a lot like Disneyland for some odd reason for all the deep cleaning.  During the time of deep cleaning, we have also been on the streets and we met one of the coolest students by the university last week.  She moved here from China and she is studying at the university.  She has one of the greatest stories and so we are teaching here.

The time has also been a little stressful because Elder Lauder and I are trying to change the opinion of our zone.  So where we are, here in the north of the mission, it is sort of seen as the lost zone.  And it's really sad because here there is a lot of potential if we know how to find.  There really isn't a lot of big cities or towns here in Schleswig - Holstein.  And so all the missionaries think all they are going to do here when they get transferred here is go door to door and be invisible to the rest of the mission.  So we are trying to help with the mind set of the missionaries here in this area.  I feel really confident with what we have planned will help and this weekend we are having a leadership training meeting so I am hoping to find the help we need.

Well I love you all and thanks for the update on the friends back at home.
I love you all,
Elder Bretzing

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