Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 33- Investigators Baptism YEAH!!!

Hey Family! 

Man, sometimes, it amazes me how fast we are back to that monday, sitting here, writing emails.  This week has gone by really fast.  And it was a great week.  We were able to see our investigator get baptized!  I am excited for him.  He looks really happy and it is just a great reminder to me how important this really is for us.  All that we call church or the gospel. I mean, it is our salvation.
I am not the one too get sappy but I know that there has to be a God.  And he must love us when He gives us so much.  It was really interesting, just before this, we were able to meet with a man and got to talk alittle bit about the church and the gospel.  And, he has a really interesting story.  He actually randomly called me on tuesday and just said, I want to know more about mormons and what you believe. 
 I was in somewhat in shock, and so just kind of replied with, "yea, I think we can help you with that."  It was just straight forward.  And we were able to meet with him and he is in that part of his life, where he wants to find out if there is a God or not, and as we were talking, he believes that if there is any hope for him, he thinks he will find it here in this church.  And because of that, he just asked us the craziest questions, but it just is great because after doing this for a while, you can tell when someone is trying to find something to not like or to disprove, or when they are curious and really have a desire to know. But just with talking to him, all the random things even have their place.  And I am so grateful for all of it. 
 Oh, yeah, and me and my companion got sick this week.  It was crappy.  We were both sick at the same time and just like helping each other and what not must have been super funny.  Thought I would mention that too, we are starting to get better.  And we are going to be able to go to another missionary leadership training council this weekend.  I am looking forward to that so much.  Leadership is hard.  Its worth it, but hard.  So I am grateful to be able to learn from the best... President Kosak.  He is great.  Sorry, I have to go, but I love you all soo much and I hope everything is going great back at home!  Let me know about everything!

Elder Bretzing

p.s. i have not gotten any packages and the package that i was going to send is still on my desk.  I am so sorry, but I will see to it that it gets done this week!  And no, no more suits, I am ok with one good one.  And tell bishop that I know what ward she is in, but he has to tell her to come to institute! If she comes to institute, then there is a good chance we will cross paths!

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