Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Well hey loving family! 

One more week gone... But congratulations about the baby?! Are they already thinking of names for her? That will be strange to see a new face when I get home. But it's cool I am excited for it! 

This week has been really weird for we had transfers and I was the only one who stayed out of the original elders and sisters who came with me to Hamburg. So I had to say goodbye to sister Stacey and elder Silver.  They are really cool missionaries.  Sister Stacey is probably one of the best missionaries that I have seen and elder Silver had a great sense of humor.  So it is different around here, but life moves on! And the best way to cure a sorrowed heart is to work! So we have been getting to work with ideas and things that we want to do with the zone for this upcoming month of July.  We really want to focus on the finding of the missionaries so that has been keeping me busy.

 We have two new missionaries in our area, sister Murdock (who is dating someone from the 10thward I think) and elder chadez.  We are happy to have them with us.  We haven't gotten our new mission president yet, he flies in tomorrow.  But I have already made a goal that when I see him this Friday for mission leadership council that I will give him a huge hug! I am excited to work with him and get to know him and his family.

Our investigators are doing good.  We have been keeping ourself busy.

I often find myself wondering how it gets so late and before I know it it is bedtime.  But it is different here in Hamburg in the summer, the daylight doesn't go away until 10 o'clock in th evening.  Which gives us plenty of time to talk to people on the street.

Well that is it from my side today, I am sorry that my letters keep on getting shorter and shorter I will try to make them better.  Tell everyone I say hi and that bishop needs to stick in there until I get home!
Love ya,
Elder Bretzing

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