Monday, July 13, 2015

WEEK 7-13-2015

Well howdy Family! 

This week has been a new week.  We were able to meet with President Fingerles and their whole family on Wednesday and that was a really cool expierence!  They are a really cool family and I hope that when i get older that that is how my family will look like and be so willing together as a family to go on a mission.  Now, I know that I will never be called as a Mission President but it was a cool expierence to be there and to take part in it.  I look forward to working with them more.  It has been very interesting, but they only will speak German with us.  I think that they really want us to learn the language and to do the best we can.  But that has helped me so much because ever since they have come into the mission field, when I am around them, I do not feel so self concious about my German.  And that is something that has been very helpful and kind of a strength booster for me.  And I have started to write him back in German in my weekly letters and man that takes alot of time now.   

This week was also really cool because about three weeks ago, Elder Weakley and I found a really cool family, named the Adzovics and they have been making slow and good progress.  We had a big giant summer festival at our church for the entire city of Hamburg and they came!  It was great!  They are a huge family and the ward absolutely swallowed them up and was super nice with them.  They have already made friends with most of the kids here there age and we are hoping alot of good things from them.  The most amazing part is that the two boys are deaf, but they are the most loving and patient boys that I have ever met.  I played basketball with the older one the entire time and it goes to show that you do not have to understand or even hear each other to have a good time and laugh about it.  I will keep you updated on how they are doing.

In the mission, we have a new focus on really pushing to get our new investigators to go to the temple as soon as possible.  And I find that such a great goal.  We have been working with alot of the new members here in Hamburg and really start preparing them to go to the temple.  So far, we have about 5 people ready for a temple trip to Frankfurt Temple, too bad we cannot go with them, to be able to perform in baptism for the dead.  It is such a great time, and it has been helping with the reactivation of some of the new members here who have been touch and go lately here in hamburg.

Yes, I absolutely loved all the pictures!  I am still trying my best to get pictures of me in the shirt still but I keep forgetting.  Tell Olivia that I am so proud of her and that she looks adorable in her pictures!  Next time she celebrates her birthday, I will be home (well, I will be home probably like 2 weeks after)  but you can go ahead and tell her that now.  We will see what really happens as that time comes speedily around the corner.  

I hope everyone is having a great time and if they have time to shoot me an email when they have free time.  I know that my track record of responding to emails have been very bad, but I have been kind of kicked in the butt from the sisters and elders here in Hamburg for not responding to alot of emails, so if anyone would like to shoot me an email I will try my very best to respond in the next little bit.

Love you all!
Elder Bretzing
The Adzovics

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