Monday, September 21, 2015

WEEK 9-21-15

Hey Family, 

Well this week has been really exciting.  Lets start with how the beginning of the week went. 

I met my new companion, Elder Morton, at the Hamburg Main Trainstation.  Elder Morton is from Sandy, Utah.  He is actually really cool.  We really hit it off with each other  the first time.

I knew him a little before  from other events in the mission so I am excited to work with him. It was actually really funny, because everyone that comes from the Zone in Kiel will all come down to Hamburg during transfers, so we got to have a train ride all the way up together.  From what he has told me, we have alot of work to do and that things are starting to look up. And we sure did see some miracles this past week.

Ok, so Kiel... Well, it has rained everyday since I have been here.  I have seen the sun for only 2 hours total.  It is super cold up here and it is a beach city which is a major plus and I am super grateful for Heavenly Father sending me here when it is cold so I cannot waste time at the beach.  I have not seen it yet but I have heard it is really cool.

The ward is also a little different.  It is smaller and there was a branch nearby that was closed down so we have people who live in Kiel and people who live in an area called Rensburg.  But as I was sitting at church this sunday, my first sunday here in Kiel, I remember feeling nervous.  And during sacrament, I had this immense feeling that God is very mindful of why I am here and it was almost like  "Hey get to know everyone here and help them!" So we made out alot of appointments with the bishop, ward mission leader, and other people.

So we are getting to work.

Ok Miracles, so I do not have too much time, I am actually finishing my emails at an McDonalds because they has wifi and we are watiting to go on an exchange with some missionaries.  But, we have seen soo many miracles.  Through talking with people on the buses, we have found 2 families that are super interesting in learning more about he gospel and about family home evening and how they can have one.  So this week we have return appointments to teach them a little more.  We also have some really cool friends of ours that I still do not know all their names but I will get to know them!

But everything is off to a wonderful start! I am excited for it!

Ok, now with the things going on at home.  What legal things are going on? Do I even want to know? Is it about dad? And that was a big schock about Jeff and Nadine.  But it sounds like he has his head on right if he is looking for a better job.  When I read that, I kind of just looked up from my ipad and said, ok looks like there is another little neice/nephew that will be waiting for me at home.  But I am excited to get to know him/her. 

Well, I love you all!

Elder Bretzing

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