Monday, September 28, 2015

WEEK 9-28-15

Hey Family,
So as you can read from the title, we had a lot of fallen out appointments.  We have had almost no lessons with friends this week.

So that gave us a lot of time to get to know the area more.  I was also on an Exchange twice this week and we were able to visit a district meeting in a city called Lübeck this week.  It was actually pretty cool. Because it is the city where my trainer served for a good chunk of his mission.  It was a gorgeous city.  And on one of these exchanges, we were in a small city called Neumünster. It is actually really funny, we had like no success there.  Everyone kept saying no and there were not that many people to begin with.  If we saw anyone in our sight, we would talk to them.  We even did the old fashion approach of going door to door.  And after every slammed door in our face (a one man who wanted to invite us to his church) we made our way back to the apartment. It was not a fun experience but I kept thinking during this whole time (this has to be like a Mormon Message type of thing). It was actually really cool, as we were walking back to the train station to meet with the other missionaries, we happen to talk to one of the last people on the road and he had interest! So the missionaries will be able to meet with him this upcoming week.
Something that has really helped me to stay occupied and to keep me busy is setting small goals for the day.  Of course, I have big long term goals, like what I would like to study and what I want to do.
But with these small tiny daily goals, that is really where I can keep my mind focused on my goal.  Like for example, we try to always find someone new each day who would have interest in learning more about the gospel. Somedays we do not find anyone,  but that doesnt stop me from being focused on my goal and that day goes by really fast and at the end of the day, I am mostly super exhausted.  But in a good way.
So if you feel like you need some help on the daily tasks and what not, try setting daily goals.  And they can stem from more long term goals.  Also mom what is really going to help is daily reading in the scriptures and if you can get everyone around, to really hold a family home evening.  I have seen that those are the big points that are helping some of the greatest families I have seen out on my mission. 

Well, I got to go.  We are teaching a German class here in Kiel and so we have that after this.  I love you all and now that I sent pictures, I hope I can get some pictures in return! 

Elder Bretzing

P.s. So have you figured out the whole trip yet? It sounds like things are started to be set in stone or something. It would be nice to know what you are planning on doing. But if not, no worries.  I'll keep doing what I have been doing.
Little Elders still enjoying a fast car or two


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