Tuesday, February 9, 2016

WEEK 2-8-2016

Haha Hey family!

Well, as you can tell by the title, this week has been mostly spent in trains and buses.  But I will give you the rundown of how the week went... it was a pretty funny one. Most of our appointments by the way fell out this week.

So on Tuesday, most of our appointments fell out and we met an interesting man at a donershop who wanted to tell us the mysteries of religion and all he learned on TV, which just had to be true. But then we headed out Tuesday night to travel to a small town called Neumunster.  So on Wednesday, we had a meeting in Hamburg. And we could of left on Wednesday, but that meant that we would of had to get up around 4 to get dressed, travel from our apartment to the train station and then take a almost 2 1/2 hour train ride to Hamburg. And we had to be there at 9:30 in the morning. So we decided to overnight in the small city and we know the missionaries because they are in our district.  And then we made the travel over to Hamburg on Wedensday and we had a meeting there til 6:00p.m. It was a good meeting and I was reminded again the importance of practice and truly doing all we can in our power to prepare ourselves for our lessons.  Then we traveled back to Flensburg after the meeting and got into Flensburg at 7 in the evening.  Thursday we had to travel back to Kiel for our districts meeting.  So the beginning of our week was traveling and meetings.  And the at the end of our week, we had a few service projects with members in the ward.  We have one family who bought a house and in their description "was built before the restoration of the church" and they are remolding it.  So it was fun to work on a house again and it felt alittle bit like home. We also were able to work in a soup kitchen this week, because that is what the Sisters always did before us, and that was also very interesting. Fun, because it reminds me a little bit like Bishops Storehouse, but with some really crazy people.  So that was what we did.  We were able to meet with a member of ours here in Flensburg who speaks portuguese and so we are starting to have little study sessions with each other.  I have gotten to the point where I can pray in Portuguese and that is really fun, and this week I will be working on how to testify in portuguese.  

But that was mostly our week.  We are still going forward, even when it gets tough. We havent really seem to find a normal pattern yet, for we have alot of appointments that fall out and so we are trying our best to keep ourselves busy.  But we dont get discouraged by it.  We just then have to find more creative ways, or sometimes go back to basics, in order to find some interested people.  

Well, love you all and I hope everything is doing good back at home.  I miss ya and I will talk to you next week!


Elder Bretzing

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