Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey Family!

Well, this week has been different.  I guess that is where I will start off.  So this last weekend was transfer calls.  Like I said before, I usually had an idea where I was going or if I was going to stay in an area or be transferred, until this transfer call. I had no idea what was going to happen.  So we get our phone call, and our assistant calls me and tells us that my companion, Elder Ausobksy, got transferred.  He is going to serve on the Polish border in Frankfurt Oder.  And so I was like, wow ok, I guess I am not staying.  Not too much of a shocker, I mean that is like a 50/50 chance. You either stay or go.  There really is not any other options.  But then he preceded to tell me that I have been chosen to train again.  Haha, that was the crazy part for me!  Train!? Again!? I guess the Lord has been trying to teach me a lesson and it takes about 3 times before it finally sticks in my brain.  Haha, but that was new for me.  So I will be here in Flensburg probably for 3 more months.  But we will see.  I am ready.  So that means that this whole week I will be gone and back in good old Sachsen again.  I will be traveling the whole day tomorrow and arriving in Dresden around 8:30p.m. (and we will leave our apartment at 7:00a.m.).  But that is not all just traveling. Mostly stops here and there and waiting for trains.  So that will be another adventure.  To be honest, it was not what I was expecting. But I know and I trust in the Lord that it is what He wants me to do.  I have the faith that the Lord has great things in store for all of us, we just have to make the step to trust Him.  Especially, when we think it is not going our way, but I feel I will look back and be grateful for what He has planned for me.

Lets see... Other than that, this week was actually pretty normal.  We were able to stay in Flensburg most of the week.  We got to say goodbye to some missionaries in our district.  One of them is going home.  It is weird, because I was there for the beginning of her mission as well in Marzahn, so it will be sad to see some of the group going.

We also had one crazy travel day.  It was our district meeting day, and we said, well we are gone from Flensburg most of the day, might as well use this day to travel around and meet with other people in other cities.  So we traveled to Kiel for our district meeting, and traveled to Schleswig to meet with a less active member, who was a miracle that we found her on the street. Literally the first person we talked to and she was a member praying to find the missionaries again.  I will have to tell the whole story later, but so we traveled to her and then we had to take a train to the "west coast" of Germany, to a small city called Husum. But then we had an appointment with a really funny man who lives in Niebull, and so he picked us up from Husum and he decided to drive us through the whole west coast of Germany. I just remember going crazy because we planned all of our time exactly and I just remember him getting really excited and telling us things like "Oh, there is a great beach you have to see. It is only ten minutes away from here. " And then he would drive in that direction.  But it was great and it ended up being a great lesson with him afterwards.  And then we took the 1 hour bus ride from Niebull to Flensburg.  Haha yeah sorry that most of my describing my weeks include all my travel details, but I just find it so fascinating. It is definitely different that how things are back at home.  But anyways, that was our crazy travel day.

The time seems to be winding down and that is somewhat scary.  I am grateful for the training opportunity because it will keep me busy.  This transfer is general conference. The next transfer I have my phone call back at home. And the next is my birthday and then home.  Ugh!  It is just a weird feeling.  But usually when these thoughts that come into my head, i just have to talk to someone on the street and they start to go away.  I find that every finding opportunity is unique and that it never gets boring.  It always stays hard, but there is always something new in every moment that we encounter.  I always have finding encounters because that is what we are doing most of the time.  Even when we don't think we are.  For instance, we walked into an old antique shop today and just looking around because Elder Ausobksy wants a trinket from Flensburg, and the owner of the shop just starts talking to me asking questions about our church.  At first, it was awkward, because their were alot of people in the shop and they all just starting staring as if they all heard their name being called.  But it was great and we were able to talk to this man and he has sincere interest in learning more about the gospel.  That was a great opportunity.

Well, I love you all and i am grateful that everything is doing ok back at home. I will keep Geoff Johnson in my prayers and their little baby as well.  

Love you all!
Elder Bretzing

P.S. Welcome to the club, Mom!

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