Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey Family!

Well, I finally got smart.  I always have my planner on me but this time I decided to go through it to see what I did this week to tell you what happened.  It helps with the fine details.  I don't know why I never thought of it before!

So this week we started to have a family home evening here in Flensburg with some of the members.  There is our ward missionary and her husband is away in Bayern for about 3 months, so she asked if we could start a family home evening thing there and so we started inviting some of our friends.  It was really nice.  One family in the ward came and our ward missionary who hosted the family home evening told us that she had the feeling that it was really good for the other family.  They felt special that someone invited them.  It was cool to see that just as small as inviting someone to a family home evening, they felt a little almost as if people cared for them.  They came and had a good time.  We are happy too because it helps us to have a better relationship with the branch.

We also have made some hedway in the work here in Flensburg.  One of our friends that the sisters use to meet with decided that she wants to get baptized!  She is a great person and she is really funny.  Sometimes she scares me, because she has some crazy humor.  But she is never crude, and always starts laughing after she cracks a joke.  But it was great to see that.  We will need to help her quit smoking.  That will be her biggest hurtle, but if she can do that than all will be great.  I have faith in her that she can do it.  She had a bad accident in the last few months, and so I think that is her major driving force to quit smoking.

We have also been finding some new people that are intrested in hearing more about the gospel.  A small and young Albanian family, where the mom speaks almost perfect English and Italian, and the husband who can speak German and Italian.  And their mothertongue of Albanish.  But it is really funny because the lessons have been half English and half German to help each other understand.  We also found a young guy in his early 20s and we have an appointment set out for this week.  It was a funny situation, because usually when we talk to people on the street, we like to take turns, and I try to help Elder Ausobsky get use to talking to people on the street.  He has made some great progress and is doing good.  But this one, he must of not seen him or somthing because right as the young man walked past us is when I jumped and said MOIN! (Which just means hi up here) and so he stopped and Elder Ausobksy finished the conversation with him.  It was super funny.

We also had an unexpected Baptism that we saw this weekend.  Well, the baptism itself was not unexpected.  It has been planned for quite some time.  But us going in there was unexpected.  We had originally planned to do a street display in Flensburg about family history, but because of the rain, we were not able to do that, and then we get a phone call from the missionaries in another city (the ones planning the baptism) and we found out that one of the missionaries poped his shoulder out of his socket, and so they asked if we could come as fast as we could.  That was a miracle within itself.  So we got to go see a baptism this weekend and it was rahter nice.  The missionary who popped his shoulder is also doing good, by the way.

Well, that is all of the highlights that we saw this last week.  The time keeps on going.  Life is doing good.  The sun was seen maybe for a total of 30 minutes this whole week.  I am getting really white.  Like I am not so used to that, I think this summer Ill spend alot of time at the beach.  Its really the small things that matter most when you cannot see the sun for a whole week. Not the whole because I dont have a tan, but you have to stay happy because it just looks dreary out there.  So its nice to try to laugh every now and again and just remember that one day soon the sun will come back.  Until then, just keep pressing on!

Well, that is what is going on in our neighborhood!  I love you all and I hope all the best for you in this upcoming week.  Mom... get better and rest! I know you like working and what not but get better! I could reccomend 2 days of sleep.  That helped me when I lost my voice and it works wonders.

Love You!

Elder Bretzing

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