Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3-21-2016 IT'S EASTER

Well, Hey Family. 

Its nice to hear that the weather is great and that it is sunny and everything... I don't have to tell you how it is here because I think I have mentioned it almost every one of my emails.  But its ok.  The happiness is found in other places as well other than sun rays... Even though sun rays are really nice.

Hey! Still no answer concerning a certain baby from Kevin or Hana!? What gives? I think I am starting to forget a little bit about this week with what happened..... if you catch what I am saying..... 

Well I will try to muster what I remember.  I remember that Elder Vasai doesnt like doners. Those are the tasty treats of Germany.  And so I took him for his second doner and he almost threw up.  So now when I mention that word, he cringes.  And that was sad because I like doners but its ok we can all make sacrifices for our companions.  We went to a KFC here in Kiel and those things are super rare for District Meeting and he felt like he was home.  That was a funny site and then I told him, ok we are not coming back until 6 months from now. Or at least until we separate from each other.  

We have been finding some people, but that have been some interesting people. I dont know if I already explained the story about our wonderful friend who is secretly a Jehovah Witness.  Its been interesting.  He wants us to now come over when their missionaries are there.... I am not too sure about that.  The last time I ran into their missionaries, we just were going into circles.  If there is anything I want to teach Elder Vasai, is not to be a bible basher.  That is not how we do things.  But the man has been interesting to teach.  He is stuck on the word of wisdom.  Not really what it teaches, but that the word of wisdom is everything tha God says, but we have been having a hard time explaining to him that that is a specific commandment given to us by God.  But that is our story with him.  We will see how he is doing. 

We were also able to participate in a service project called cleaning the streets of Schleswig-Holstein.  That was also really fun.  We were there and the most things I think I picked up were cigarette butts.  But it was interesting to find what people throw away to the streets.  But it was really fun because we also had a new convert there with us and he has just been doing great.  You can truly see that he wants to do a lot of good, and at every opportunity, he is loving to learn more about the gospel and how he can better understand the doctrine behind it.  It has been such a great opportunity to work with him.  

That has really been the new things of late.  I am sorry that there is not really much more to report on.  I hope everything is going well and that all things are going good with the baby with Jeff and Nadine. Let me know when it finally comes.  I am excited to get to know some new faces back at home!


Elder Bretzing

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