Monday, March 7, 2016


Hey family!

Well, another week come and gone and this week was a walk down memory lane.  In different ways as well. But allow me to shed some light on my thought.

So off I went this last Tuesday to spend another day in Meissen  and that was fun. All I remember on Tuesday was all the train rides I had. We started at 08:00 in the morning and I did not arrive until 21:00 (8:00pm).  And I was alone the whole time! It's ok, that is ok in our mission to be alone on a train, as long as someone comes to pick me up on the other side.  But that was also the interesting part. So I had to transfer trains in almost every big train station, and there were no missionaries there either. Especially in Hamburg. I had to find my train all by my own (which is not even a problem because a. I am a big boy and b. I know Hamburg main station like the back of my hand) so
that felt weird the whole day. Fortunately, I found missionaries later and I got to help them for the next day. The missionaries in Meissen were both brand new and so for all of Wednesday, I was showing them around and getting them aquatinted with Meissen. That brought back a
flood of memories, because I got to see some of the old members! It was such a joyous thing for me to be able to see them again. It was just great. And when the word got around that I was in Meissen for one day, they all started to call the phone and I got to speak with them.  It was just a sweet memory for me to see them and to be able to understand them all this time.  That was great. And there was even an investigator that was in Meissen and when we visited her, she freaked out and was screaming, Your Back Your Back! But I had to tell her not for a while, just for one day.  

Then came thursday, the day I was able to get to meet my new companion.  His name is Elder Vasai.  He is from Alaska, but was born in Samoa.  He is absolutely great. Even now as I am writing, he is trying to give away a book of mormon to a danish man, and I had to finish it, but he is just great. A giant ball of energy.  He asks everyone how they are doing and if they want to learn more about mormons.  I just love it.  I know we are going to enjoy our time together.  And then we got to travel back and spend the night in Hamburg in my old apartment, because we would not of been able to make it back at home.  And that was also a trip down memory lane.  

But these past few days have been great.  We had testimony meetings and my companion bore his testimony on how he loves doners and that he wants everyone to feed us bratwurst when we come and visit them.  They all just laughed.  I had to share that because that was my favorite thing about Sunday.  

Well, that all that has happened in the past few weeks. I will definatley let you know how things are going.  We have a pretty busy week ahead of us and so it should be really fun.  I am looking forward to these next few months and I know they will be great.  

Well, I love you all and I am excited to here from everyone.  Ihope all goes well with the baby shower and the baby coming soon.  Send pictures!


Elder Bretzing

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