Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 36- Transfers,Trains and a new companion

Hello Family, 

If there is any other questions that I seemed to miss, then please do that again because that was actually really helpful.  But this was another crazy week.  On Tuesday, we had transfer day.  And transfer day is done a little different here in Germany.  So all the missionaries are able to ride across country alone on the trains, as long as there is a missionary who puts them on the train, and one who is waiting for them to get off the train.  And so Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is the craziest train station besides probably Berlin or Leipzig when it comes to missionaries.  We stayed up pretty late making all the plans and schedules of what times the missionaries would come into the train station and where to pick them up and if they had to switch trains, where their next train would be.  It is even more fun because alot of the trains will get switched to different tracks because of the train traffic in the main train station.  So we did alot of running that day.  And I had to put my companion, elder Williams, on the train really early in the morning, and then my next companion did not get in until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  It was pretty intense.  I am just excited because next transfer I am hoping that I will be doing all of that with my companion.  

 This week, we started in our ward a 40 day fast, and that was really cool.  We have already seen the blessings of the fast.  We met this one man, name Kobena, and he comes from Ghana.  He is a great guy.  He just had surgery or something on his leg, and so he is always in pain.  But when we found him, he was so excited to hear about the church and the only words he kept repeating is "im coming!"  it was really funny.  And so we waiting at the subway for him on sunday for church, and we see this little man step off the train, and he explained that he had to come to church today and see what we were talking about.  Even if that meant he had to walk through the pain, that he would do it.  And he did it!  It was really amazing.  And he loved church so much that he said he would talk to all his friends about the church because he talks to them about Jesus Christ alot.  So we are really excited for him and we are meeting with him again on this saturday.  

And Sunday was really great and crazy.  We have a new member, name Yeboah.  He also comes from Ghana.  He was baptized about two weeks ago and he recieved the Priesthood on Sunday.  It was great!  

Oh my new companion is Elder Weakley. He cames from Elk Ridge or something.  In the area from Payson, I already asked him if he knows our family, but he didnt.  Which by the way, how are they all doing?  Man, I cannot believe that this is the transfer for Mothers Day.  Time.... that is all I have to say. 

Oh yeah, so the greatest thing happened this week.  President and Sister Kosak came out to Hamburg for the weekend to see a returned missionary, and so they stopped by on saturday and took me and Elder Weakley out to McDonalds! It was such a cool expierence!!  I wish it happened more often.  They are the best!  I absolutely love them!  And we were talking and so in two weeks, our whole mission is having a missionwide conference, and so we are all recieveing Ipads!  It is crazy!  I am not really looking forward to it but I will accept it.  I just feel that it is an added temptation to the missionaries here. But I will do my best to help them with it.

Well, I gotta go, I am sorry for all the spelling errors and what not.  I love you all, .  I am trying to be better at taking more picturest.  My camera actually i think it is broken.   

Love you!
Elder Bretzing!
Part of the branch in Hamburg

Elder Weakley, Brother Stephens, me
 with newly baptized member of the church Yeboah

Part of the branch in Hamburg

Elders on the GO!

Elder Bretzing won the bet!
 Elder Weakley said they could not fit together in one of his shirts

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