Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 37- This one is for my History Books

Hello Loving Family,                                                                     Monday April 21, 2015 

The focus of my letter this week will be on one incident that will never be forgotten.  It was stake conference that we had this last week.  Well, I might as well tell it... 

So we had stake conference this week here in Hamburg.  It was really crazy, because we had to make sure all our investigators were there and all the missionaries came to the meetings early (because our President was attending), and we also had the Area Seventy coming, Elder Adler, who gave the stake a talk.  We were able to meet him Friday night as he was talking to the young adults in Hamburg and that was really cool.  He is a very nice man and a passionate man when it comes to the gospel.  And so, I do not remember how stake conference goes on back at home, but we had our Saturday evening session.  And it started great, all the counselors of the stake presidency got up and spoke about the Area Goal of Europe.  And that we all invite a friend, become self reliant, and work on our ancestry.  It was great.  And then Elder Adler gave his talk. 
 At this point, I am sitting in the back of the chapel, making sure that no investigators were alone and all missionaries were present, when I see my beloved President make eye contact with me in the stand.  It sort of freaked me out.  I did not know why he was doing this.  And he points his finger at Elder Adler.  I had no idea what it mean, so I started to pay attention a little more. 
 Lo and Behold, Elder Adler starts off his talk by, "I would first like to start my talk today by inviting someone to come up to the stand.  Because we have President Kosak here, I asked him if he would pick a missionary for me to come up and join me on the stand..... ELDER BRETZING, are you out there?  Can you join me on the stand please?".... My heart sank.  At first, I did not respond  because I thought I translated it wrong in my head.  I keep thinking, no! there is no way he just said my name!  But he did.  After the 30 second shock wore off, I got up and walked to join him on the stand.  I cannot remember what he read but he read something from Elder Benson.  Then, looking towards me, he said, "Now, we will be privileged to hear a 2 minute testimony from Elder Bretzing about Jesus Christ."  And then he sat down... All I remember my first word was, Wow... Ok.  I cannot remember what was said during my testimony.  But I remember what I felt and a powerful lesson I learned that day.  I learned how important it is that we are prepared.  I gave my testimony, and Elder Adler thanked me for my preparation and willingness (because I had no clue that was going to happen).  But I remember what I felt the moment that I sat back down.  I remember feeling at peace and calm knowing that I was ready to bear testimony of Jesus Christ.  I know that He lives.  I am grateful to wear His name on my shield.   

I do not say this to be proud or to boast, but it was a great moment for me to learn something very special.  At the end of the stake conference, Elder Adler came and gave me a big hug and said that he did not know why that I should have been the one to bear my testimony, but he thanked me for my preparedness to give it.  

We need to always be prepared to give our testimony about Jesus Christ.  We may not know when we have too, but when we are prepared, we will not be left unsupported.  Even when a Area Seventy is calling your name!  

I love you all and you are all in my prayers!  


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