Monday, August 17, 2015


Hey Family,

Well, this week went by super fast.  I dont like it but that is what I have heard is that the last half of your mission just flies by.  I am already halfway through this transfer!  I cannot believe it!  But anyways, I guess I can talk about what happened in these past few days. 

I will tell you what, Elder Silver and I have been hitting the pavement.  Well, more like the buses.  We have been having a lot of appointments, and so we are always in the Buses and Trains wherever we go!  And we always have a goal for the week to find a certain amount of new people that we would like to teach.  And so we wanted to find 5 new people this last week and we talked about it with each other and knew that we would have almost no time on the street to talk to people because we were always going from appointment to appointment.  And so I know I have told you about this earlier but what we decide to do then, is make sure that whenever we are in the bus, we try to find people who we can teach by starting a conversation with them as we are in the Bus and then lead it to the gospel, because technically we cannot preach in buses.  And that is somewhat hard, but fun.  We call it "Risk the Akward."  And Elder Silver and I have really pushed ourselves to talk with at least one person in each bus we enter.  And that is hard, and tires you out!  But, with help from the Lord, we were able to keep on going.  And we were able to find some new people to teach so it was great!  The Lord helps when you really put your mind to it and want to get it done!

Want to hear something random?
We had some interesting conversations lately with people too.  This sounds completely random, but we are calling everyone in our phone, because we have a lot of numbers from people, and so Elder Silver decided to call one of them as we were waiting for a friend of ours to come to the church building.  And he talks to this lady, and looks at me really akward and then hung up the phone.  I was starting to laugh and ask what was wrong, and he told me (no joke she kept saying this) "I have no time, no time, I am giving birth!"  So that was a first. I never thought anyone who was giving birth would want to talk to missionaries on the phone.

We have also been working more closely with our friend named Foster.  He is a friend from a member here in Hamburg named Brother Stephens (the coolest man alive!) and he is going great.  Foster is excited to learn more about this gospel and everytime he comes with questions and you can really see that as he is learning more about the gospel, that it is affecting him.  He is a great man and we are so excited for him.  He is from Ghana and he said that if I ever wanted to go to Ghana that he would let me stay at his place.

Well, tell everyone back at home thank you for your prayers, I truly appreciate them.  Some days are harder than others and sometimes we never know how you are going to get through, but something that I learned lately is that it is all about your perspective.  I know that heaven is supporting me.  I cannot explain it but I just know.  There are days, and especially when I interact with the zone, that I find myself with energy that I cannot describe.  It reminds me of one time in a General Conference talk that President Eyring gave.  He was thinking about his mom, who passed away and trying to tell the story about her and I remember that he was getting really choked up and then out of no where, he was able to finish his talk and I have always thought that someone helped him there or he received added strength to keep pressing forward.  But that is the best way I could explain it.  Bottom Line... I am doing good.  I have a great companion and I get to serve with great missionaries!  

Love you all and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Bretzing

President Kosak returned to the mission for a visit


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