Monday, October 5, 2015


Hey Family, 

Well as the title suggests, this week was sure interesting.  I guess I will start off with the interesting part.

So this week, we had our Missionary Leadership Council in Berlin.  It was actually really interesting because this time we had it at our Mission Home.  Usually it is held at the stake center in Berlin.  However, this is not the interesting part.  So, because now that I am in Kiel, we live a little farther away from Berlin than we did in Hamburg, so that meant that we had to spend the night in Berlin so that we could make it on time for the meeting Friday morning. 
We had the opportunity to actually stay in the Marzahn apartment.  That was fun and memories just raced across my mind.  It looks completely different and it was nice to stay there for a day.  So here is where the interesting part comes into play.  As we were on our way to our meeting on Friday morning, something very interesting happened.  We were looking at the times and the map on my iPad on how to get to the Mission Home in Berlin.  As we were trying to buy a ticket for the Train, the machine would not take our money.  It was quite frustrating and so we were pulling out all different type of bills in our wallet to see if we could finally get it to work and get onto a train that was coming in like 5 minutes.  We figured that we could try to use coins instead and so we saw a little shop behind us and to see if we could exchange the bills for coins. 
As we started to walk to the little shop (I am not exaggerating, this happened in all about 30 second time span) I received that little thought to check my bag and my iPad was not there.  I remembered setting it on top of this ticket machine and so right as I turned around to look for it, it was gone.  In about this 30 second time span, someone came and took my iPad and walked off with it.

But what did I learn from this?  Even in the smallest amount of time, the worst things could happened.  And that if I do get another iPad, because now I have to pay for the last one, that I will NEVER let it out of my sight.  And so all my pictures from the last 6 months were on that machine.  And it was not backed up because we do not have the internet to do it, so everything is gone.  I am going to call Berlin services today to see if by chance the one who stole it had a change of heart.  I think the most saddened part about this experience is that I was entrusted with this great and wonderful tool and I lost it.  I could care less if i had all my pictures, I just really wish I had the iPad back.  But its too late and I cannot dwell on the past.  I know how that turns out and its not pretty.

Well, besides that, this week has been jammed-pack with activities.  We had a Zone Training Meeting that we had to plan for, and there is a picture on the blog, I do not know if you knew there is a new blog website ( ) but that was our first meeting as a zone here up here in the cold north.

General Conference was good and I enjoyed it.  I am willing to start this scripture ponderizing and because we have a added focus in the mission to memorize certain scriptures and I need to be better at that, I will start there.  I am just wondering where I can put these scriptures where I see them everyday because we are hardly if at all at our apartment.  I think I might keep some in the institute center because we are there alot for teaching German or for Institute when our friends come.

Well, if there is anything encouraging I could leave with you is how I felt on the return trip home from Berlin.  I remember playing the scenario over and over in my mind and finally I stopped and I heard something tell me, "This event is insignificant in the scheme of what God has planned for you.  Stop beating yourself up about it and just make it right with God." I think that sometimes that applies to almost all the things that happen to us.  

Well, I love you and I hope all is going well back at home.  Keep me updated about the family and the ward and maybe even the dog and cats (oddly enough they are family too).  

Oh yes, please send Dudley Leavitts patriarichal blessing my way.  Did it come to you in the mail?  I requested his patriarichal blessing because I thought it would be great to have the chance to read it and come to know him a little more.  I would like to start doing that with more of our ancestors. And tell the young women thanks for the card I was able to get it!


My love to you from Germany,

Elder Bretzing
 8-15 Zone Conference with Elder Johnson

10-15 Zone Conference

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