Monday, October 12, 2015

WEEK 10-12-15

Hey Family,

Here is the weekly update!

So I am sitting here and trying to think about my week.  It has gone by super fast. If anything that is crazy that is happening, is that it is getting cold.  Like really cold.  And its not even the end of October yet.  Everyone that I talk to on the street says that it really does not snow here in Kiel, but then members tell me that it does and missionaries say that it does, so it will be a surprise if it snows or not.  And this week I got a cold, so I am trying to stay warm as much as possible.  It is really funny, because I just throw myself under two comforters with my sweatshirt on and my thick socks.  So I am hoping that soon it will pass.  We have a Zone Training Meeting tomorrow and so I am hoping that I can survive it and not sound like a sick wreck.   

We had some success with some of our friends and some not so much success with others.  We were able to have some good appointments and I will keep you updated on the progress of them.  We shared a cool experience with one of them as we were teaching him more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was such a great time and you could really notice that this is something that he wants.  And he was super excited to know that through following the Gospel and its teachings, we can have a new start in our lives.  And so I feel that as we meet with him further, we will start to see his progress and that will be great.  Some of our other friends have been hard to contact but this week looks like it will be a busy one for us.  We actually have such a big area because one of the programs got closed down and so we have the area now and it takes us so much time and money to get out to this little city called Rendsburg, we are hoping and pleading that we can have a car.  We will see more about this plea as the time comes up, but that is really the update here in Kiel. 

Well, I love ya family and I hope everything is going well back at home!

Love, Elder Bretzing

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