Thursday, October 22, 2015

WEEK 10-19-15

Hello loving family, 

Well I guess I could start off with a weather report, because it sounds really weird back at home.  You said that it's really hot back at home?  Well, it has rained almost everyday here for the past week.
I saw sunlight this morning but it's already gone again.  And I am not a weatherman, but it's crazy up here because it feels like there is soo much moisture in the air, that it's like your walking through mist the whole day.  It's cool and I am not complaining, but I will be happy to see the sun again one of these days. I have also been informed by several locals that this is how the north part of Germany is like till February or March.  But we will see. 

We had a zone training meeting this last week and that was always fun. We were able to have the president at this one.  Afterwards, Elder Morton (my companion) and I were able to go on exchange with our AP's.

That was fun especially because we were in a car.  It is a rarity to be in a car and it not be a members car.  We keep petitioning to try and get a car for our area,  since we saw that we were able to get so much done in that time.  We were even able to contact some members that have not been able to be at church for a while, so we are glad that we can work with them.  They were just happy that we came by and that we didn't forget about them.  So please family, do your home and visiting teaching.  It really helps and those that may be going through a hard time can receive comfort knowing that someone is thinking about them. 

But this week seemed to fly by.  We have been hitting the pavement a little more and found some success.  It is interesting to think that time goes by faster when you keep yourself busy. We have been finding people that are interested to here more about the gospel.  We hope that those appointments that we made out with them end up sticking and we are able to do all we can to meet with them.

Thank you for the money for the shoes, I already bought a new pair and I am hoping that these will last me for the rest of my time.  I will make sure to take good care of them, but I really do not have a good track record when it comes to shoes. 

We were also able to see a tender mercy this last week.  After church, we had a random lady show up at church.  And now I have it programmed in me that if I see an unfamiliar face at church, that I need to introduce myself. It was a great experience because she just moved into Kiel and she wants to go to a church that is close to her at home and we were it. I'm not complaining.  We told her that she can come whenever she wants! So we gave her a tour of the church and then a Book of Mormon. She said she will come next week, so that was a great experience.

That gives me shivers to think Christmas is around the corner.  I try not to think about it.  But my "Christmas list" I have no idea what I could ask for.  I think I could just get things here.  Apparently from what my companion said is that we can get things super cheap right after Christmas.  So... Yeah we can talk about it more as time comes close.

Oh hey, tell Kevin I said happy early birthday!! How old is he now? His present from last year is still sitting on my desk. I think I will just send him a picture of what I got him so he knows what he gets when I get home.  I know I am horrible at these things but I'm trying to get better! 

If you want to ask about the iPad you can always call the mission office, because they would know how to do it. Ask for Elder Curtis. From what they have told me, they are just going to take it out of my account for my mission money. I don't know, here we call it MSF but I don't know if there was another word for it. 

That is cool that we have sisters now, and yes I do know elder peacock. He goes home soon but I served with him in the same zone back in Hamburg.  How is the mission work going at home? What do the new sisters think? When I come home, I just want to be a home teacher.  And I want wherever I am living to give me all the people that have a hard time coming to church and I will go out there and visit them.

 Hey so this sounds weird, but do I need to start thinking about school? I have not put one ounce of thought into this field, but I heard from a missionary that deadlines for fall semester are coming up soon. Or can I just go home and be a bum for the first semester? Anyways, I have no idea what to do there. Help would be nice.

I love you all and I hope all is going well. We will talk next week!

Auf Wiedersehen!
Elder Bretzing


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