Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Hey Everyone,

I was trying to think of a subject for this letter but I could not think of anything.  The days mesh together.  But this week we had a lot of new experiences that is for sure!

We had a Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday of this week.  That just means we go down to Kiel and we do not get back until really late.  It was good.  Our mission focus for the next two months is family history.  So I am very happy that you sent me all that family history stuff!  I have it saved on my I pad and I show the pictures to people that we come across.  I have also noticed some new things on the familysearch profile.  Is that you as well? I think its super cool!  So thanks to whoever is doing that! (sorry my thoughts got sidetracked)  But so we are going to have to do a lot of things this next two months.  For example, every area is supposed to do a street display by the end of the month I think.  So we have been organizing that with our ward so that we can do one here in Flensburg.  I hope it will all turn out smoothly. 

Elder Ausobsky and I also had a very unique opportunity to help someone in their garden.  In the winter.... lets just say it was something I will never forget.  I am grateful that I can feel my fingers and toes again because it was really cold.  But there is a lady that needs help and she has this land and she wants to turn it into a very nice garden.  It reminded me of our project back at home.  By the way, it could probably help us if you send pictures of before and after of the garden.  Then, I could show them to her.  But so the ground was already frozen and we just ended up moving rocks for 2 hours.  And because the ground was frozen, we had to take a shovel and pry them out of the ground.  So that was interesting.  It was also a nice opportunity to talk to her a little bit about the gospel.  Her interest in anything church related is very minimal but we are seeing if maybe she would like to learn more.  

We have been starting a lot of new activities in our area as well.  We played basketball with an exchange student from a small country next to Russia and also a few of the kids from the branch. We are also teaching a English class and also maybe a German class for some of the refugees here that are staying in Flensburg. and we also want to start doing some more community service, so we are going to a place called a Tafel (I think its a soup kitchen in English) and just see how we can help.  It is interesting to think that here in Flensburg, we have met a lot of people that are either homeless or just wanders.

The work is also starting to pick up here.  We had a great day yesterday.  Our Ward mission leader and a new convert went on splits with us and for the whole day, we just went by on people who investigated the church either earlier and we went by also on some less active members.  We found a lot of new people that we can work with and it was just a great experience to have and to see that it was so much fun to be with the members and I hope that when I get home, that I can do stuff like that.  

We had a really funny experience with a member this last week as well.  Well, he is a member because about 10 years ago he got baptized but then never came back to church.  We went by on him because we want to get to know everyone in the ward and so he let us in and we started talking with each other.  And the entire time, he was asking us questions like, "So tell me more about your missionary service.  Like what is that about? Does your church make you do that? "  and just asking really simple questions that any member would know.  Well, our next lesson we have planned that we are going to go in there and just remind him that he was at one point a member of our church and if he remembers that.  So that was a really funny experience.  I remember walking out of that appointment just confused and I double checked our list to make sure his name was right and that was indeed the right person we were supposed to visit.

Kevin and Hana are having a Disney theme announcement?  Since when have there been themes with baby announcements?  Ok, whatever.  I would like a picture though when it is done.

Well, I love you all and you are all in my prayers. 

Elder Bretzing  

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