Monday, January 25, 2016

WEEK 1-25-2016

Howdy Everyone,

Well, it is already the last week of january.  Crazy.  Next thing I know, it will be Mom's birthday. Oh P.S... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNA! Man, she is getting old.  What 26 now?  Time flies... I hope she has a fun birthday, especially because she will probably get baby stuff.  Or does that come later? I have no idea.  But yeah, it seems like pretty soon Moms birthday will be around the corner and that means I should try to finally send my present from last year what I have held onto this whole time.  I know... I am horrible with packages and what not.

This last week has been sort of crazy.  It is really funny to see that there is a heater and everything back at home because it has been -4 C this entire last week.  It has been snowing too, and now it just started to melt.  I think I am in for a shock how warm it is back at home.  Or how dry it is.  The humidity is what gets ya here. 

As for the questions about transfers.  Well, I knew that I would be here in Flensburg for at least 2 transfers.  This week is week 2 of the 2 transfer.  I do not think that I will stay here long though.  But who knows.  For all that happens, I could end my mission here.  But its a different pace to work in a branch and an area where it takes you about 1 1/2 hours of travel to get to your district meeting.  We keep ourselves busy, at least we try.  We have been having some success with finding people, but they dont really stay too long.  I hope that we will end up finding some people who really want to learn.  

I guess what was noteworthy of this last weekend is that we had a worldwide broadcast to all missionaries.  It was good, but our service in our church building was bad so we will need to watch some of it again.  I think my favorite part to be reminded about was from Elder Bednar who said that teaching is not talking, but listening and observing.  So I want to improve my teaching skills.

Well, I love you all and I hope all is going great back at home.  

Until next week!

Elder Bretzing

Training meeting in Berlin 1-2016
(find my smiley Elder)

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