Monday, January 4, 2016

WEEK 12/28/15

Hey Family!

            Well this one will be a really short one because we just spoke with each other on the phone like 2 days ago.  It was good to see everyone!  Thanks for your support and it was just good getting to see everyone.

Man a lot will be different when I get home, having 3 new faces wandering around.  But I am excited to get to see that when I get home.  

            Well nothing really new has happened in the last few days.  The only thing is that this next week will be pretty busy for us.  And not really busy with appointments but with travel.  For example.... last Monday, we received a referral from Church Headquarters (that usually means that someone got in contact with material from the church or visited the website) and this lady lives all the way on the other side of our area.  On a little island to the west of Flensburg.  We already checked and it will take us about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there and back.  And for the return trip, we have to leave our area because of the train ride.  And then on thursday, we have to travel to Kiel for district meeting and that normally takes about a little over an hour.

But we always have to wait for trains.  And then we are going back again on Friday because we are coming together as a zone to celebrate New Years by starting it off with a lot of exercise. (from what I heard).  And then the day after on Saturday, we are again traveling back to a small city called Niebuell to visit a new convert.  It also takes about 1 1/2 hours BY BUS to get there.  So it will be a fun packed week of traveling.  We will see how it will go.  Its ok with me because then it just gives us more time to talk to someone in the bus or in the train.  See, they cant run away from us there.  And I feel like I can connect better with them there than on the street.

But yup, that is our week looking towards.  It will be really weird to usher in 2016.  I thought this year would never come.  But, thats life.

Well, love you all!


Elder Bretzing

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