Monday, January 4, 2016


Hey Family,

This week went by really fast, but lots to do at the same time.  We were everywhere, both in our area and in Kiel because of the new years.  But i will explain all of that a little bit later.  I thought I could start off by sharing a really cool expierence.  It happened actually yesterday.

 Elder Ausobsky and I were on our way to an appointment with a woman that the sisters before us used to teach.  We had a little bit of time and so we decided that we could go by on some contacts. So we have of people who met with the missionaries about 10 years ago.  But as we were on our way, it was cold.  Like really cold and the winds were just blowing like crazy.  So Elder Ausobsky went for cover as he was looking for the address of someone in the area.  And I remember we just turned around and I was looking at this house, and I just had that feeling, "Ring the bell."  Elder Ausobsky thought I was crazy.  I thought I might of been to.  It didn't seem sketchy or what not, it was just we have been walking for a while and it was really random.  And so I thought, ring the top bell.  And that's what we did.  Seconds later, we were let right in and got to have a really nice conversation with a man who recently became a father.  We started talking about what we do and we were able to make out an appointment with him for this coming Thursday.  I remember walking away, being grateful for the still small influence of the Holy Ghost.  I do not know what will become of this man.  If he will have any more interest or will want to continue to meet with us in the future.  But its nice for me to know that the Spirit is with us and that He guides us to those who are looking for something, and that sometimes means before even the people themselves know it.  

But most of the week we have been traveling.  I found out this week also that our District Leader just got, we call it blitzed, but it is when they are needed somewhere else and so he became a Zone Leader down in the south of our mission.  And the night before he left, he calls me and starts laughing.  And he told me that I am now district leader.  That is just so weird for me.  First of all, it was fun to be just training up here in Flensburg and not having to do any of the meetings or what not.  But I guess if that is what I need to do right now.  And it really is nothing big.  But i thought it was funny. So we had district meeting and then on the 1st the whole zone met together to do an activity or something.  It was originally planned that we were all going to go do a 5k or something, but this part of Germany does not support anything like that, so we just got together to do a small run and played frisbee.  It was fun.

We have really been struggling for a while in our area with having lessons with people.  I do not know if it is because of the holidays (I really hope so) or if the people really do not have interest.  But we are still working on that that we can find someone who is really interested in the gospel.  It has been such a strange feeling for me, to have people being so friendly on the street, and they are willing to exchange information with us, but whenever we show up to their house for the visit, they are never there.  It is strange and we are trying to figure out how we can work around that.  

The portugese is coming along slowly.  I still cant keep that much in my brain, but fortunately there is a member here from Africa, where they speak portuguese and so we are going to start meeting with him weekly and he is going to help me with portuguese and I amd going to help him with english. Fair trade we thought.  But I asked my mission president and so far there is no official program that is portuguese speaking, but we will see how that works out right now because there is only one other Elder who speaks portuguese in our mission.  But if i ever find anything out, I will let you know.  Probably wont happen until I am done training Elder Ausobsky and that is not for another 7 weeks.

Well, thats my update in a nutshell.  Pictures are coming soon and I will make sure to send them your way.  Love you everyone.  P.s. so any news with Chad and the new baby?  Name? Picture? 


Elder Bretzing

Sunrise from the Flensburg Train Station

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