Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Hey-o Family!
Well, General Conference has come and gone.  That was awesome! I loved them all that I was able to see.  We still have not seen the sunday afternoon session because of the time change, but I hope soon that I can read the talks on the gospel library app.  For most of it, we were alone at the church building to watch it.  We were asked to come to the church building to keep it open for those who wanted to come and only a few came now and again.  For most of conference, it was Elder Vasai and I watching Conference in the nursery room because there it was being played in English and so that it would be better to understand for Elder Vasai.  For one of the sessions, however, we were able to watch it in the celestial language with our branch president at his home.  (I got a good laugh from that too and I thought in that moment all the Germans were laughing as well) It was really funny because since Elder Vasai cant grasp all of what is being said (even though his german is so much better in the beginning as mine at that time)  He was having a hard time staying awake during it.  And it did not help because our branch president was kind enough to feed us before, so we helped each other stay awake.  Unfortunately, none of our investigators wanted to come and watch it with us.  We have been struggling really hard to meet with people lately or find people who really want to learn more.  Just today, I was calling people to see if they wanted to meet with us and no one was really interested anymore.  Even as much as it trys to slow us down, there are still lots of opportunities to do good. 
This past week was one really to remember, and it was because we were not at all in our own area.  We had to do an exchange, the both of us, in Kiel and so that was always good to go back into the old area and see everyone again.  Afterwards, we had to go to Berlin for another conference with new missionaries.  We had some good times and I even got to spend the night in Hamburg again.  It just all seems like the areas tend to blend together and that I never left.  But it was good to be there.  I was even able to talk to a few of the members there and that was just great.  The pictures from the new missionary conference should be on the blog soon.  Lets just say though that I am really happy to be back in my area.  But I wont be staying for long. Tonight, I leave for another exchange with some Elders that are serving in the city of Neumunster.  (Fortunately, Elder Vasai will be able to stay in our area and so meet with some of our investigators.)  And then this coming Friday, we are traveling once again down to Freiberg.  This time, for a different reason.  We have a new convert in our branch and last week we found out that he wanted to go and visit the temple in Freiberg.  It is a 8-9 hour trip down there, but that did not seem to bother him, for he wants to truly prepare himself for the day he recieves the Melchesidek Preisthood and is able to go into the Temple.  So its something new in our mission, and we are able to join him and bring him down and spend the time with him.  That will be just a treat and I will let you know how that goes.  It has been such a treat to work with this new convert and see his progress.  He will trully be a instrument in the hands of the lord.  I am excited for him!
That is all the news and updates I got for this week.
Well, I love you and your all in my prayers

Elder Bretzing



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