Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 4-25-2016

Hey Family!,

Well, I really dont know how to describe this past week except for saying that it was interesting.  Allow me to elaberate....

So the beggining of the week begun with us going back to Kiel to do an exchange with our zone leaders.  That was really fun.  We had a great time, and everytime I go back there, its like I never left.  Which was super funny because I was able to go back to ward council and alot of people looked confused to see me again, and then afterwards somewhat happy.  Of course there were some interesting expierences.  But it was nice to see the members in Kiel.

By the end of the week we were back in Flensburg doing the work.  Unfortunately almost all of our lessons that we had planned fell out.  It was a bummer to see that happen.  But we tried to make the most of it.  We even had our Ward Mission Leader go finding with us and we did alot of contacting.

But the highlight of my week was actually my personal study and time that I had to read in the scriptures.  It has been a while since I had a study journal, so last monday I bought a nice study journal so that I will always want to use it and write in it.  And that has truly made such a difference this past week.  I have been able to read and remember more in the scriptures.  I am still no profi when it comes to having a study journal, but it is a small miracle that I am really grateful for this week.  

The weeks have been getting harder here in Flensburg.  It seems that we find people, and we have a great first meeting with them, but then afterwards, they never respond to our calls.  I wonder why this is so sometimes.  I think what helps is just really focusing on the small things that I can do to be a better missionary or maybe things that I ahve not been so focused on in the present time.  But even though that its been getting tough, I am happy to be here and to give my all.  I will still do all that I can to be able to see the fruits of my labors, but if it be the will of God that I help pave and prepare the way for the missionaries after me, then His will be done.  I know that God is happy with what I am doing and that I am here right now.  I come to know it through my personal study and the small little miracles here and there.

Well I love you all and I am very grateful for your prayers.  They truly do help me and therefore I am grateful for all of you back at home.  You are always in my prayers as well.  I am looking forward to when we can see each other!  But I still have an eternity to go so that is ok (only 9 more emails... that means 9 more weeks to do something!)


Elder Bretzing

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