Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Alright Family!

Time for role call! Mothers day is fast approaching!  Family Bretzing... ASSEMBLE! (You know, if I had it my way, I would not be calling this last phone call, because I am going to see you in 2 months anyway... but in order to keep good feelings and to protect myself from any injury when I land in America, I will consent.)  But get your ideas and what not ready.  Anything you have to talk about, prepare it! I cant believe that this day came already. But alrighty then.  The phone call will procede at or around 17:00 hours here in Flensburg. (I believe that will be 08:00 back at home) But just be prepared at 07:00 in case I call early.

This week was really great.  It started off with a really bad turkish haircut.  I remember walking by this hair salon, and it was in the middle of town square so I thought it was going to be good and I read on the sign the words "oriental".  So I was like huhhh, i wonder what that means.  Yup, it was interesting. Let alone, the guy couldnt speak that much german.  And he had some magical powers with his shears and so it looks pretty turkish.  If you have no idea what I mean, you will see on sunday.  But he also used a blow dryer, and I got to admit, that part of my hair looked really good.  But yeah, that was the silly beginning of our week.  

Alot of our investigators have been not really coming around.  That has been sad.  But the sun is shining, the church bells are ringing, spring is in the air.  Leets home that people start having time again.  I mean seriously, this is the first week where the whole week should be sunny.  We are walking around in only sweaters that is how warm it is.  And we have had a friend of ours at church lately.  She claims to be a prophetess and she really likes our church.  I forget if I mentioned her to you before or not, but everytime she writes us a text message as the "new member of our ward"  But I just smile, and say to myself, soon.... But she has been hard to meet with and we fortunately made out an appointment for tomorrow and I hope it sticks.  I am looking forward because she is actually a really nice lady and I am excited to share the gospel with her.  She has even been reading alot in the book of mormon lately, so I have hope!  Most of the rest of the week was filled with finding.  We are going to start teaching german to some of the refugees or immigrants who have been having a difficult time learning the language.  And it was just a wonderful expierence, because as we planned to do that and to give our flyers for that, we ran into some of the greatest people and almost everyone we talked to couldnt understand us in german!  Which is great when you are looking for students for a german class.  

But other than that, we are pushing along.  My personal studies have been some of the greatest times on my mission.  Lately, I have been reading the Book of Mormon and now I am taking some time to read some of the gospel topics that you can find on and now they are on the gospel library app and that has been a great testimony builder.  I just feel like I am being refined more and more to talk with people about our church.  Some of the topics are harder ones to talk about, but it is always good to be informed and from the right sources too.  So that has been great.  You should see us during our companionship study, i look at Elder Vasai and I go, "Man you will not believe what I learned today!"  Its great, the scriptures are great, modern day revelation is just great.  

It is a small world if you met Elder Gallacher at the temple.  He is great guy as well. Its weird to think that he is already home.  But everything is weird at this point...

Today, we are going to viking museum so I will try to remember to take pictures and send them your way. 

Well, I love you all and I am glad everything is going great back at home.  We see us on Sunday!


Elder Bretzing

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