Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WEEK 5/16/2016

Hey Family!
Well, since we didn't have the skype phone call, i thought I would write to you this week.  Everything has been going on great here in Flensburg.  Man, did a lot happen this week.  But lets just dive on in...
It started off a little rough.  The weather was great and I was super excited for that. And with great weather, we just walk around in our white shirts and ties.  Now, I have notice a pattern.  Whenever missionaries are seen in their white shirts and ties, that is when the always meet with weirdest people.  For example, the beginning of this week was meeting alot of weird people.  Alot of angry people.  It was just not my cup of tea, if you know what I am saying.  Some people were just taunting us and wanting to fight with us.  I have no reason why.  We had an incident where someone was trying to belittle my companion because he could not speak the language very well, and that made me really mad.  That is something that I do not like one bit, but my comp was a champ and we walked away from these confrontations. But this week I guess, I also met some of the nicest people as well.  For example, we had some visitors this last week from Nuremberg and they were just so nice.  I sat down next to them at church and right off the bat, they knew my name, where I came from, and my job beforehand. (they read my little autobiography at the church building) And we were just laughing and having a great time talking about the most random of things.  But it was great.  When they left, I wanted them to stay.  Buy a house here in Flensburg, or at least that they took me with them.  But they were just up for the holiday.  So I guess that was the Lord telling me, that there are also nice people here too. 
We had an exchange this last week, and all the missionaries came up to flensburg.  I went on exchange with someone who actually served with me in the MTC, but he is going home in 4 days.  He is going home to see his sister graduate.  That is actually also something interesting about the missionaries that I was with in the MTC.  Most of us are being split and there are some that are leaving in 3 weeks.  Then you have me and I go home the first week of July.  But some of my friends are going home with me as well, so that will be fun. But anywho, this missionary for his last exchange wanted to see the danish border.  So we took our bikes and in seriously 15 minutes we were there.  We both got a picture with the sign and then we headed back into the center of town and started to talk with some people on the street.  That was also fun. There are a lot more people on the street because of the holidays and the summer (even though it rained, hailed, and there was thunder and lightning yesterday during church).  So that always makes it super fun to go to the middle of town and talk with people.  But that also means talking with people from all over Germany.  So I got to try to get some referrals for the other parts of the mission.
Other than that, life continues to go on.  We are having a great time and everything seems to be doing really good. I am trying to handle the fact that the time is running out.  I don't know if I am doing that really well, but I am figuring it out.  Every time I see babies on the street, its like that scene from the Best two years where the elder was dear john-ed and when he sees the couple walking through town and he just stops and wants to try to follow them. Yup, that's me but with little babies.  It doesn't help to also know that at home there are 3 new little faces waiting for me.  But that is ok. The deed is done.  I will just have to help with babysitting then.
Well, I love you all and I will let you know how things are going next week! But I will definitely send some pictures!

Elder Bretzing!

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