Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Hey family,

Well, this week was a mile marker for lasts.  We had our last zone training meeting.  It was weird, I have to be honest.  I didn't really know any of the missionaries that were there and so it was just a new for me.  I also was asked to bear my last testimony at a zone training meeting and that was also weird. I just remember watching other people and giving their last testimonies and now it came to me.  But I have gotten to the point that I love sharing my testimony.  If anyone ever asks me, I love to do it!  So that was good.

We spent also two days in Oldenburg, because our district leader is there and so we both went there for exchanges.  That was fun.  I was with our district leader and he is learning Persian on his mission, and so he had this little skype conference with other missionaries, studying the Persian langaauge.  I was just sitting in the background, twiddling my thumbs until we could go back out to work.  But overall it was really good.

This week, we have been working really hard with our Persian friends.
Unfortunately, we found out yesterday that they are not able to be baptized.  We sort of knew this, but in the middle of the week, they sent us a text message and we thought that they had some legal things explained, but it turns out that they are still not elligble for baptism.  But that is ok.  Like I said earlier, I know that one day they will be able to do it.  Other than that, we did a lot of finding.

Sorry, the weeks are going by really fast and so I am sorry that there is really nothing else to report on.  I am happy.  I am working. Trying to do my best and forget the rest.  I am not going to lie, some days it is really hard, but then there are those moments, where I think that I can keep going.  So I try to have the keep going moments more than its really hard moments.

I love you all and have fun with the week!


Elder Bretzing

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