Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 29- Family History

Hello Loving Family,

This week has been very interesting.  We were able to have a zone training meeting with our beloved President Kosak.  I absolutely love seeing him and getting the chance to be with him.  We had interviews with him, and for the majority of our time, we were looking up family history stuff, like the picture that I sent showing the location of Zetau in Poland.  But, we also got to talk alot with each other, and it was the best for my week. And during our Zone Training Meeting, I noticed that one of the sisters in my district was crying and I did not understand why. Later, Sister Kosak told me that she had just recieved the news that her dad has serious cancer and they are not sure how more time he has longer on earth.  I was just astounded at the situation.  My sympathy goes out for her and her family, and it was just an amazing moment to understand a little more of why I am here in Marzahn.  It is such a testimony builder for me to know that the Lord is trully watching over His children.  It has been amazing to know that I am truly here for a reason.  So I love you all and I hope all is going well!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  I found something pretty cool in Berlin, that I think you will like, so keep an eye out for it in the mail.  Oh, and I have not  recieved any package yet but I can check the office next week.

Elder Bretzing

President Kosak found this for me! For one of our interviews we had, we were just looking for Zetau, the whole time.  Settau, is actually once Zetau, near the border to Russia in Poland.  That is where some of the family comes from and President Kosak told me that in Rogen is where we would find all the archives of our family.  Cool, right?

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