Friday, February 20, 2015

The Impact of Missionaries 2-15-2105

President and Sister Kosak received this letter and posted on the missionary blog spot. I'm reposting it on Drew's site since it happen in the city he is currently serving in.


I've decided to reach out just because I experienced something incredible Saturday evening while sitting on regional train adjacent from two missionaries (in Berlin). I'm from California, grew up in a Mormon community and just thought it'd be worth sharing this story, as it left a smile on my face.
The two missionaries were sitting adjacent from me next when an old couple sat down next to them. The two missionaries started talking about Potsdam, what it's like there and eventually the conversation turned into how the old couple met. At that moment a group of gangster-looking guys tuned in and said that they'd like to hear also how the old couple met also. Soon enough the whole section of the train is listening to this old couple's love story- a question that was sparked by one of the missionaries.
The missionaries got off the train at HBH, but the conversation didn't end. The two groups spent the whole trip to Potsdam talking about courtship today and back in the 50's. Both groups had each other shaking with laughter.
In my time in Berlin, I've never seen anyone randomly talk to anyone else on the train and I've never seen such an interesting group enjoy each other's company so much . Normally, a story that starts with two missionaries, gangsters and two old people ends with a punchline, but this one just left me stunned, smiling and optimistic about humanity. (Plus, I think I'll be more open to talk to Germans on the train!!)
Everyone got of the train saying goodbyes (including myself) and smiling ear to ear. Keep on talking to people! You're leaving a positive impact on people, even when it's not immediately apparent.  

If you could please pass this story along to your missionaries, I'd be incredible grateful! 

Cheers from Potsdam,
2-15-15 Zone Conference  Berlin North

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