Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 30- Transfer to Hamburg as the new Zone Leader

Hello Loving Family who forgot that their son was serving a mission in Germany,
How is everyone doing?  I am still alive and here in Germany.  This week has been seemlingly crazy as well.  We recieved transfer calls and I have been now transferred to Hamburg to be a zone leader there.  So that is still a shock.  I was only in Berlin for one transfer but now I am going west.  I am really excited to go to Hamburg (oh yeah, and my next companion is from San Diego, California Elder Williams, but no it is not my trainer, but he is now in my new district in Hamburg) but I am still really kind of shocked that President Kosak wants me to be a zone leader so early.   I am not doubting it.  I know that he recieves revelation and inspiriation from Heavenly Father.  I mean, even this week he came and checked our apartment twice, and he was really inspired to know to come and see it at its dirtiest.  So that I have a strong testimony of. 
 I guess the best way to think about it is that it hasnt really set in yet that it is happening.  But I am excited.  Marzahn was a hard transfer for me.  I had two elders in my apartment that are going home and it was really hard to have the thought of home almost every day, in every conversation, and what not.  It was really tough to struggle through it.  And it was tough because my companion did not help with any of the situations because next transfer he goes home too.  Just ask Jeff or Kevin or Chad and they could tell you about missionaries who are about to go home.
We were not the closest of companions, but I learned alot about unity between each other.  I learned really because there really was not unity.  And I could see the difference there was between the love and the excitement with the work when I was with Elder Larsen, and from the expierences that I learned in this transfer.  It makes a huge difference when you both are open with each other.  And you can be friends with each other, and listen to each other and learn, or you just roll through with the attitude that I am stuck with this person so lets get it over.  And that is something that I learned and will take with me to my next companionship.
And at the same time, I am grateful for all the things that I learned this transfer because I feel that it will help me to have more unity within my companionships to come.  I think something else that I learned this transfer is how involved I need to be with the missionaries when I get home.  I noticed that there are two lives I can live back at home. The life that just invites the missionaries to eat food, maybe give a spiritual thought, and then to just have them leave.  But I just know that I need to be involved with them.  Help them and have them help me as I do my missionary work when I get home.  So that has really been my week.  The work was really tough, but I feel proud of myself and I know that Heavenly Father sees all that I do and that He loves me and I want to do the best for Him.
I love you all with the bottom of my heart and cannot wait to hear from you next week!

Elder Bretzing

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