Monday, February 9, 2015

Week -28 - learning about small miracles

Hello Loving Family,                                                                                2/9/2015
It is great to hear that you are taking some swim aerobic classes.  It is hard to imagine you with the little scrunchie thing on your head while doing it, but I am happy that you are starting to take care more of your body.  If it makes you feel any better, I have to play soccer and if you have never played or do not like playing, then do not play with Germans.  They are very serious and they kick hard.  And you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.  But that has been my excercise and workout time.  And I am jealous that you are going to Hawaii, but happy as well.  Enjoy the sun, I saw the sun yesterday for about an hour and I felt like I was home, I havent seen it for a long time and I cant wait for it to come back in the summer.  I look too white.  I better get some pictures when you go though. 
This week has been definately better though.  I have seen some of the changes I needed to make and it was great to see that.  I feel proud and happy with myself with my work.  But, just how life wants to treat us, there is things that you do not expect for.  My companion was sick this week for about 4 days straight.  So with the other Elders in the apartment, we kind of had shifts to watch him and we tried to do the best we could.  We have still been having a hard time finding new investigators this week.  Which you would think, you are in the biggest city in all of Germany, how is it hard to find new investigators, right?  I have no idea why it has been the hardest, but we are still trying our best.  Something that I have been dealing with lately is just trying to keep focus in the work.  Our apartment has four Elders in it.  And two of the Elders are going home in two weeks, and then my companion is going home in May,  So keeping us focused has been a main struggle.  But I still try to love them and do all that I can. 
This week was especially great, because one of the Sisters in our district was able to see one of their investigators be baptized.  That was just great and I am so happy for him and the sisters as well.  And there was a tiny miracle that I was able to see.  So, in our ward building, we have a baptismal font.  And we asked the bishopric if they could start filling it up and they told us that before Sacrament meeting they would start to fill it up, because it takes a while to get it filled up.  And in Germany, at least all that I have seen, the hours are switched around and so sacrament is the last hour of church.

And as I was sitting during sacrament meeting and about 20 mins have gone by, I just had the craziest feeling to check the font.  And I am starting to understand more about how the Spirit speaks to me.  Lets be real, Heavenly Father knows that I am a worry wart.  And so I think all the Spirit needs to do is plant a thought into my head and I will act upon.  I just had the thought, THE FONT go through my mind, and that just freaked me out, so I had to go and check it and lo and behold, they forgot to turn it on.  Fortunately, we were able to start it then and it was about half way full, but they decided to go through with the baptism for when it was scheduled (because Germans are very punctual and nothing will delay ANYTHING.  and I have noticed that they are alot more punctual here than in Sachsen. )  So it brings warm feelings to my heart to know that no matter what the situation, the Spirit is always with me.  And sometimes when you get discouraged or depressed, you forget to look for these small miracles, and it brought peace to my mind to know that there are still miracles happening in our lives.

Overall, this week has been good.  Not the best that I want, but it was great to see the progress being made and the happiness that I feel from that.
I love you all and I am happy that I still have a year and a half before I come home.  Gives me time to be here and to do what I got to do.

Love,Elder Bretzing

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