Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Steffi Baptism and the Ricks Wave Hello

Drew arrived in Berlin at the same time Kristen Ricks left.

Hallo mein geliebter Mutter!
(one of these days when my German is really good, all my letters are going to be in German.) 
This week by far was one of the most challenging, but rewarding.  We had alot of our investigators fall out of their appointments and were either avoiding us or did not want to meet with us.  That was one of the challenging parts about this week.  Another was a meeting we had with a lady called Frau Kluba.  I do not know if I told you about her, but she is the one we found in the park.  And so we had an appointment with her on Monday of last week, and by the time we got there, she was home but visiting with friends.  We said that was fine, and we would give her a book of mormon and come back that week and visit her again and she said she would love that.  As we were walking out, we asked her if her friends were religious or anything, and she had told us that they were Jehovah Witnesses.  And the funniest thing was she told us, "Oh I am so excited to show them another witness of Jesus Christ! they will think that is the best"  Oh yeah they will think that is the best.  I couldnt stop thinking about how it was going to be when she walked back into that room full of Jdubs (thats what we call the Jehovah Witnesses) and showing them a Book of Mormon.  Elder Larsen and I agreed that we should bring another book back in case those jdubs wanted to have a "look" at it.  And so when the week progressed, and we came back, she didnt answer her klingle.  (a klingle is like the buzzer on the door cuz she lives in an apt complex.)  And we stood there for about twenty mins and still no answer.  That was the crushing blow.  We are going out there again to see her and we are hoping that she is home, and willing to meet with us. She was the nicest little old polish lady I have ever seen.  And she looked really interested in meeting with us.  And so that is how the week was like, until sunday.  Sunday by far was the best day.  We had Steffi's baptism.  That was the best expierence.  Just to be there, as a missionary, and see the happiness that comes from making promises with God.  Some people might find that strange, but there is true happiness, pure happiness, when we make promises with God, and keep our promises.  She was just radiating with excitment.  She kept looking back at Elder Larsen and I and we kept giving her two thumbs up! I am so proud of her.  I am truly grateful to be apart of that expierence.  Oh yeah, and another good thing that happened this week is we invited a man from India that Elder Larsen and his last companion have been visiting for a while and he said yes.  I am so happy for him because I know this is something he really wants.  This is going to be the trial period, while we still havent had him come to church consistantly and we are hesistant to baptize him if he cant make it to church.  But overall the week was really good.  I think I understand why it was a challenging week.  Elder Larsen and I are really putting our shoulder into Meißen.  We are trying to help all these people, and the Lord truly has blessed us.  But I also know that there is opposition in all things.  And from all the good that has happened this week, I think someone really isnt too happy about it. And he is making a fuss.  Well, we are not discouraged and we press forward.
Well I love you with all my heart and I will send you an email next week about how this week has been.
Elder Bretzing

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