Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week -23 A letter from one of Pop's companion

Hello Robbin,
Thank you for your email.
I am intensely saddened at the news of Matt's accident and his passing. I am
so very sorry for your loss. Matthew was my friend, my brother, and my
beloved companion, the thought of him being gone breaks my heart. You should
know, that of all the companions I served with, Elder Bretzing was the best
and I loved him the very most. His service as a missionary was exemplary! He
loved the people and the Lord and he had a powerful testimony. Serving
together as Zone Leaders he saw to it that we worked hard, he loved the
Elders and Sisters in our zone and did all he could to help them be
successful missionaries. He was a dedicated missionary who loved to teach
others about the Gospel - he walked 50 mph and since we spent most of our
time proselyting door to door he literally wore me out trying to keep up! I
can't believe it has been almost 36 years since we served together.

Obviously, by choosing to stay, Drew is following in his father's missionary
footsteps, you be sure and tell him that I said his dad was the best of the
best. As a District Leader, Zone Leader and Assistant to the Mission
President, at one time or another, I worked with all the missionaries; so I
am not just saying that, I know it.

I have thought of him often and am grateful for the evening we enjoyed
dinner together at PF Chang's 15 or so years ago when I was in Newport for
some meetings. Regrettably, I have been traveling to Orange county
frequently these past few years and have often thought of Matt yet failed to
reach out to him again. Interesting how looking forward we always have
plenty of time to do things and then before we realize it the time is past.

Robbin, I remember you approaching me at the fund raiser for his brother a
few years ago at the Harley Dealership in Orem, I was grateful to make your
acquaintance and to talk to you briefly about Matt. Perhaps on one of my
next trips we could meet somewhere and you could tell me all about your
family. I searched for his obituary but only found a few references to the
accident. Would you be so kind and forward one to me.

Again, my heart breaks and I feel a profound personal loss knowing he is
gone. However, I know that God loves each of us and that He is kind and just
and merciful. I know that He has prepared a path for the salvation of all
His children and take great comfort in the knowledge that one day I will
enjoy Matt's company again.

Love to you and your family,


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