Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 19- Blog from his companion to home

This came from Elder Schmalz letter home to his family, he writes:

So this week I turned 19 but that wasn't the biggest thing that happened this week. On the 13th we woke up to a phone call from our mission president and we were told to be in Berlin by 3:00pm. It took five hours of train rides and walking through cities we didn't know why but we made it to Berlin. The whole reason for the call and the rush to get to the city was some sad new, Elder Bretzing found out that his dad had passed away in a car accident on the 12th.. my birthday.
He was able to skype his family for a few hours and that helped him to decide to stay on his mission. Elder Bretzing is a stud. Can you all keep him in your prayers this week? You can also shoot him an email and tell him how awesome he is!
While my companion was skyping with his family the office Elders gave me a tour of Berlin and I got to see all of the sights. Loved it!!! When we returned President asked me to help give Elder Bretzing a blessing. the spirit was soooo strong. yesterday we go driven back to Meissen and President Kosak attended church with us.

My sister found this blog and shared it for me. upon returning home from the funeral she felt compelled to send a note to his blog site, here is what was said:

You don't know me and I hope commenting on this blog site is not inappropriate. My Name is Denise Newhouse and I am Elder Bretzing's Aunt. I live in a different state than my sister and her family. I went looking the other day on the internet about my brother in laws accident and Google brought me to this site. I cried as I read it and knew instantly that i had to share it with my sister and my nephews.
It brings them such comfort to know that Elder Bretzing is with such a caring and amazing companion during this difficult time.
We just wanted to say thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. Merry Christmas to your family.

This is so sweet to hear Denise. I just want to scoop your entire family into a big hug. I am so sorry. Just know that you have been in our thoughts and in every prayers, especially that sweet Elder that is so far away from home and his family. I am so proud that my son could have such an awesome trainer and companion. WOW! what an example to all of us. Merry Christmas. so proud of that young man.

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