Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week-24- Transfers came and I'm going to Berlin to be a district leader

Dearest Loving Family,

Well, this week has definately been a differnet one.  But I can go through my days and let you know what has happened in the Life of Elder Bretzing.

On Tuesday,  We were able to meet with Raju again and teach his son some more.  I do not know if I told you, but now his son is starting to have a lot of questions, and questions that can only come when he is searching on lds.org or in the Book of Mormon.  That was really great to see that and see his desire to come closer with his father.  We were not able to get our translator back for this week, so starting next week and the week after, the translator will be back and there can be some great progress seen there.  We also had a lesson scheduled for Rene and Uwe, however, due to Uwes health we were not able to meet.  But we still picked up rene and were able to have a great game of volleyball with him, and he absolutely loves the ward and the ward just takes him in and loves him.  But they are awesome.  

On Wednesday, It was filled with alot of time devoted to our English Class.  We were supposed to have a lesson with a new investigator, however, she forgot about our appointment.  We had the impression that we should call her and our member that we were going to meet at their house wíth, and when we did that, we found out that they were not able to meet that week and so we were able to reschedule for something next week.  So, we have decided that the English Class that we teach (which had a pause during Christmas time), that we really wanted to get the word out.  And so we went to all the stores and we hung up flyers anywhere that we could.  And we have already recieved a phone call from a lady that she wants to come to our English Class.  

On Thursday, we were able to switch some of our P-day time, and we were able to go to the Temple.  That was a great expierence, because the Temple in Freiberg will be closed for a year and a half while the add some more endowment rooms and make the celestial room bigger.  Alot of people here are very sad for its closing but excited for the reason why.  It will actually open back up in June of 2016, so that will be a great thing to be able to go see in that time when my mission will be over (lets just hope time doesnt go too fast between that).  And that was a great expierence.  I was able to also be able to go through and expierence it in German and wow that was cool.  It was something really well needed and I enjoyed the moment.  

On Friday, we were also able to have our Zone Conference and hear from Elder Kopischke, a general authority.  And that was great.  The way he taught us was incredible.  He really got me focused back on the basics and he all asked us if we had a question at the beginning of the meeting and to write it down.  And so I had a question that I really wanted answered and something that was on my mind for a while, and man he answered it GOOD.  It was really great and I know that my answer will help me be a better missionary and to help others come closer to Jesus Christ.  And I was able to recieve dads and grandmas paper.  And that was a great expierence, and I wanted to share it with President Kosak, and I am so happy to have it.  It raises my spirit to see them both smiling.

On Saturday, we had transfer calls.  Ok, are you ready..... I am being transferred to Berlin!  I will be working in Marzahn, the northeast part of Berlin.  I am so excited.  And I have also been called to be the District Leader there too.  That, I am a little nervous, but I do not let the nerves get to me.  There is about 10 missionaries in our district and just the difference between Meißen and Marzahn had me completely suprised.  But I am so excited to be able to serve in the big city and to be able to have that opportunity.  That has had me in a daze this entire time, I am so not used to such the change, but I am ready for it.  So tomorrow, I will be on the train going to Berlin.  I will also know my new address next week.  I am so excited.  Oh yea, and my new companions name is Elder Stringham and his family is from Fresno.  We also had the opportunity to go and teach an investigator named Herr Wihsfeld.  And with what we learned from Elder Kopsichke, we were able to apply that and man what a change we had.  


On Sunday, it was filled with all the goodbyes from the branch. I will miss them, and they are all really great.  We were just filled with member appointments on sunday when everyone found out that I was leaving.  They are a branch that without a doubt in my mind, I will see them all again.  


And that is my week.  And I really do not want to know about the lawsuit, only if I need to sign things.  I have sent an email to my mission president, but he probably wont read it until thursday or friday, but I have not told him anything other than there is a lawsuit and that my bishop will contact him.  I appreciate you wanting me to stay focused on the work here, and that is something that I want to do.  However, I will help in all things that I need to do.  I do not seem it to be hard to do the scans and what not with the mission presidents office about a 10 minute train ride away.  And I am glad that you are paying attention to what your body is telling you.  Please take it careful and be careful!  And here in Germany is all walking and riding buses, but mostly walking.  So start preparing now.  


I love you all with all my heart and you are never far from my prayers.  I know I say the same thing everytime, but I really mean it!  It puts a new view when Heavenly Father and Christ keep repeating things to us, or when we hear about the same things from the prophets and apostles, it is because they really mean it and they never want those to forget.  So I never want you to forget that you all are never far from my thoughts and are always in my prayers.  



Elder Bretzing


P.s. we will see how things go because I have become used to a small little town, and now I am going to the biggest city in all of Germany.  

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