Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 3- Scary city..Trust in the Lord's Hand

Hey Mom!
Yeah everything is going great!  Do not worry about the money, I havent really used any money at all since I have been here, and we get by with the money we get from the mission home.
Well, what could I say about this week?  This week, The Lord really told me how important it is to put our trust in His hands.  So we were in Riesa this past week. It is a small town (they call all the little towns that are smaller than the cities dwarfs) so we were in this dwarf, Riesa.  This is by far the most scary place I have been to.  We recieved a referal from Church offices that there is a person there that wants to take missionary lessons.  And so we took a trian about two weeks ago to try to contact her.  And she wasnt home.  Now when, we were there the first time, the people were the weirdest.  They kept giving us looks and like they would stop to stare at us and it was just bad. We even saw people who were just sitting outside their windows, and when they saw us, they called other people to come and just watch us walk around the city.  We think that there were some Jehovah Witnesses there and so they mix us with them all the time. I do not know.  I just felt like I was going to be eaten for dinner that night.  And I was so happy to leave.  And so we had to go back again this week.  And we went back to the contact`s house and she wasnt home, again.  And so we had one hour until our train would come back to take it back to safety.  So we decided to do some finding around the area and to walk around Riesa and kind of get to know the area.  And I was not too happy about it.  And I remember thinking, Drew, If you trust the Lord, then you will do what he wants you to do.  And do it willingly.  So I just told myself that I was going to do it willingly.  And so I started to wave at everyone that was staring at us and made sure that I had a smile on my face and really get into the moment.  We still had no luck.  And so Elder Larsen gave me the lead and where to go.  And so we were walking closer to this park and there was alot of people there and so my first instinct was to run the other way.  And that is what I did.  But something just kept eating at me and eating at me.  And it was what I said to myself.  If I trust the Lord, I am going to do what he wants me to do.  And that is to talk and invite all people to come unto Christ.  So I redirected us back to the large crowd.  And from there on, I was no leading us.  The Spirit leaded us the rest of the way.  Almost exactly to one person.  The nicest little old polish lady, who loved to see us and she said we looked nice and was wondering why were in Riesa.  And so we started to tell her and she seemed really interested in what we had to say.  and we asked if we could come back, and she said that that would be great and she would love to learn more.  That was the best moment of my week.  To see how quickly the Lord blesses us when we put our trust and sometimes our life in His hands.  I have mixed feelings about going back to Riesa, but I know that I will be going back to help this nice little old lady learn more about our message.
Oh yeah, and remember how I said weather in Germany is unpredicatable, well, we found out how unpredicatable it can be and we had to walk about 4 km in the rain.  By the time we got back home we were drenched from head to toe.  And we thought that morning not to take our umbrellas for there were sunny skies.  Man was that fun.
But I am really doing good.  It is really strange, but it is like I almost feel like all the stuff that i see everyday is normal and that sometimes I forget that back home the doors looked different, or we have different plugs for our electricity.  Or that sometimes we even have air conditioning (But thats when I am like dillusional.)  Oh and for that post card, yeah, I do not think I said everything correctly but sure have Sister Ricks translate it.  And tell her that my trainer is Elder Larsen, because aparently he knows her. 
Well, I hope all is still well at home and I make sure to keep all of you in my prayers.  Tell dad that I have wrote him a letter but he has not responded to me yet.
Love you with all my heart,
Elder Bretzing

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