Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 14

Hey Mom, 

Another fast week.  I cannot believe how the time goes by.  And this week has been even crazier now that I am the trainer.  It has been a long week getting over my insecurites about the language.  I almost dreaded every moment using our phone and having to talk to people.  But I know for me personally, I came to the conclusion that if I do not talk to them, then no one will.  So it was one of those moments that you have to take a deep breath and just do it.  And I have found confidence in my speaking abilities.  I am still no where near proficient, however, I am able to ask people questions to figure out what they are trying to say and what not.  So that has been a major hurtle this week.   

It was also a week of alot of street contacting.  Because of a massive train strike that Germany had in the past few days, we were left stuck in Meißen, and alot of our important appointments fell out.  So, we hit the streets.  We tried talking to people with the German that we have, and no luck.  We came to realize that we are not using our full finding potential.  We were just going around day after day and asking the same question to every person, and we came to a conclusion that we were laking some variety.  We were given by our mission president, a whole list of ways to find people on the street, and that is going to be a more major focus on this upcoming next week.   

As for the training, it is going.  I think I am learning just as much as Elder Schmalz is.  It has been getting some used to, while I am very normal to a companion that is outgoing and laughing and always have a joke to tell, and Elder Schmalz is a quite, reserved person.  But as we come to get to know each other during the coming days, we are able to open up more to each other and are able to be a better companionship.   

Something that was really fun, was a dinner appointment that we had a few days ago.  We had dinner with an old couple called the Ortliebs, and they are just wonderful.  It was funny to see how they try to relate or speak with Elder Schmalz and then look to me for translation. But they are a bunch of fun.  When we come back to visit, that is a family that you have to meet.  They are by far a great family.   

Well that was my week, I love you all and you are all not far from my prayers.  Tell dad to watch out for the mail from now till two weeks.  I have no idea when mail and packages come from. 

Elder Bretzing

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