Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 6 - For Pops'

Hallo Vater,
My week has been a roller coaster with Elder Bednar and being pretty humbled.  But overall it was really good and I am ready to get back to work and really get out there this week.  German is coming along pretty good.  I have my good days and my bad days. And sometimes it depends on who I am speaking to.  With youth, they speak really fast and so I cannot really keep up.  But with adults I am pretty good and listening to them and picking up on what they say.  But I know that I would not be here this far if it wasnt for the Spirit.  And thank you for your prayers, there are truly appreciated and needed.  Something I learned form Elder Bednar this week, is that we need to be agents.  We can choose to be agents or objects.  As objects we cannot decide or do anything for ourselves, only just be acted upon.  We do not progress or learn anything as an object.  As an agent, that is when we decide for ourselves and we allow the things we need to learn enter into our hearts and change us for the better. And so everyday, and almost everyprayer I ask Heavenly Father for the Gift of Tongues, but it is not going to help me if I do not speak it.  So that is when my part comes into play, that I need to get out there and just speak to people and sometimes ask them questions to help me with the langauge.  So please continue to pray for me, and I hope I will do my part and get our there and act. I probably wont be transferred until after my next transfer.  The word has been going around that some of us that just got here might be going into training, but I have no idea.  President Kosak keeps asking us to be prepared for that if it comes.  So I am not scared of it, but if that does happen, then that means I will be in Meißen for another two transfers after this.  The end of this transfer will be Elder Larsen's 4th transfer in Meißen so he is feeling like he will leave.  We do get along really well because I feel like we are open to each other and we allow each other to do what we want and we dont like grobble or anything.  I feel like we have a pretty strong companionship.  Cooking for ourselves is pretty much how it is here. We do not get alot of dinner appointments, but when we do it is normally on sunday. But i do love the people here.  Sometimes i get mad because I really cannot speak to them fluently but I know that they are all great people and it is a blessing to work with some of the members here. 
I hope everything is going well back at home.  I love you all and you all our in my prayers.
With Love,
Elder Bretzing

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