Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 25- My first week in a big city again

Hello Family,                                                                                           1/19/2015

This week has been a different week, that is for sure.  I am not used to big cities anymore.  It is a major shift coming from a place where the city we were in had about 20000 people and now the area of one city that we live in has about 3 million people.  I have never seen soo many people, and some of them are soo young too.  And the weirdest of it all, is I hear english alot.  Like alot alot, from random people on the street. I am not used to that, and sometimes I have to stop myself from staring.  So it has definately been different.  I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me here, and I trust Him with this plan.  I was able to meet my companion on tuesday, Elder Stringham, who is actually from Fresno.  And I got to meet also the two other missionaries in our apartment, and this is actually their last transfer and they go home.  So they are trying to help us out alot because they might close their program here in Marzahn, but not us.  We will stay.  And then we also had a alot of appointments with investigators, whose names I really do not know right now, but I will be able to talk about them more as the weeks progress. 
 It has also been very different to be district leader.  It is just really weird being the youngest one on the mission and I am the district leader.  I still have no idea how to be a district leader, how not to step on toes, how to really help them.  So that is something I am currently handling and how to handle certain situations.  I also got to meet the ward here in Marzahn, and it is definately different as well.  I really grown attached to the other one, and because there was so few of them, I knew them personally, and it was weird to see about 100 new faces.  But at the same time, I always have the same expierence, everytime I enter into a new ward or branch as a missionary, I just get this feeling that everyone looks so familiar.  That I know them somehow. I have had this happen to me as I sat in church and some of the members looked so familiar that I felt I could just walk up to them and ask them how they have been since the last time I saw them.  So that was a cool expierence, to be able to expierence that again with some of the members here. 
 But other than that, I am still pressing forward.  I know that it has also only been one week, and as time progresses, things get easier.  If I could, I would recede back to my comfort hole of Meißen. But Heavenly Father does not want that for me.  He knows that this is a time I have to progress and to continue.  So I am sorry that this letter this week is pretty crappy, but I as I get a better hold of the city and as I get my bearings so to speak, then I will be able to write more, and take more pictures too.  But I would want to leave my testimony that I know how much God really cares for us.  He planned it all out, and He promises us a way and help throughout everything, if we follow His Son, His Example, and do the things that He has commanded us.  All of it is prepared for us, I believe firmly that it lies in how much we really want His help.  I know that when we line our wants and desires with what God wants and desires from us, that is when we can reach our fullest potential.  And I know that even I have so much progression to make.  But we have the best promises that can ever be promised to us, if we only follow Jesus Christ.  And that is something that I strive to do every day.  I love you all and you are never far from my prayers. 

With all the Love I possess,
Elder Bretzing

And my new address here in Berlin is Irenen Strasse 1, Berlin, Germany, 103713 (the area code I do not know if it is right, but we are living somewhere called Lichtenberg, in East Berlin.  So I will check the zip code next time.)

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