Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week -26

Hello Loving Family,                                                                                          1/26/15
This week has been alot better than the last.  Berlin is still very crazy and I have no idea in which direction to take any of the buses or trains, but I have been getting better.  Some Highlights of the week.
We are teaching a few people and they come from all walks of life.  And so we have 3 people right now who are on a baptismal date, and we are teaching a man named James, where he comes from Nigeria, and he is doing great.  It is awesome to see that he really wants to change his life and that he knows that this church is true and that all that he has been taught is true.  We have really been working with him to help him  to encourage him to find a new apartment because at the moment he is living with his girlfriend, but he really wants to follow all the commandments and is doing his best to live the commandments.  We have also be able to teach a woman named Minjie, who comes from China, and she owns her own little shop somewhere in our area.  I have no idea of what part of Berlin her work is in, but I know that it is in our area.  But she has been doing great as well and we have really been helping her to come to church.  She believes and wants to learn alot more about Jesus Christ, she has a hard time coming to church and so we are trying to help her with that.  We also have been teaching a man named Roberto, who comes from Brazil.  He actually speaks really good german, and he knew the Church while he was back in Brazil.  We are really trying to focus with him about really keeping commitments because that is how we can progress in this life.  And that we can be joyful when we keep the commandments.   We also go by on ALOT  of people and see if they want to meet with us. 
This week, I was able to go on an exchange with our zone leader, and we had the greatest opportunity ever.  He recieved a call the night before from President Kosak, and he wanted to join us for our companionship study, and that was a great expierence.  I love seeing President Kosak and I always learn so much from him.  He really taught us about helping the missionaries to remember the basics.  Like how we should have a effective study time, and how we really can be effective when it comes to finding people on the street and talking to people.  I really enjoyed my time with him and I learned so much from him. 
I am glad to hear that the family is doing good back at home, and that everyone is taking their part to help.  How is everyone doing in the ward?  So, who are all these new people in the ward?  Anyone deciding to go on missions or what not?  It is really weird, but it is hard for me to think back on what it is like to be home.  I know that sounds really weird, but it just like I sit here and I try to imagine the streets or the high school, and it is really hard to think about it.  So how is everything going on at home? 
I love you all and my prayers have been with you back at home.  And I will start taking more pictures, because I know I can get better at doing that.  Love you all!

Elder Bretzing
This picture is all the youth from Meissen and we were all saying goodbye to each other.

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