Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Guten Tag Liebe Familie,                                                                     12/29/2014
It is yet again another monday.  Haha there is not really that much to talk about because I already explained everything on Friday.  But I am grateful for everyones love and support to help me.  I do not worry for any of you back at home.  I know that you are being watched over.  I know that because not once have I worried about anyone back at home, and you can go on and on and on about how much I worry.  But none of that has been happening.  And there are some miracles happening on this side.  I just think the biggest thing I can think of, is my determination to stay out here.  I often think that with all that has happened, someone wants me to quit.  And I might have a long time ago.  But I found recieved so much strength that I do not even know where it is all coming from.  I know the only thing is that it is coming from all your prayers for me.  But the weeks have been getting better with time.  I have been able to refocus a little bit and get my head on straight. 

We also recieved alot of snow! so there is snow here now in Meißen, which is really funny because that is always for debate is how much snow we get.  We probably have about a good foot or 2.  And it is nothing like idaho snow.  It is soft and nice, but cold on my toes.  So this week I am going to buy some more thicker socks. 
And this week we will be able to spend our New Years Eve with a great family from Stuttgart.  And Stuttgart was part of the American Sector so we think they will be celebrating a little american style.  I say that because they are the only family that when we come over, they have american stuff.  For Example, Germany (prepare yourself)  DOES NOT believe in peanut butter M&Ms.  I know, Shock!  But they always have a bowl of those ready for us.  And I usually gorge them down. 
We also recieved a little more news about our new mission president, not from our mission president.  Someone in our branch just started talking to us about him and they know who he is. I will disclose more information when President Kosak announces it.  But we will find out more about him this week. 
Well, I love you all with my whole heart and before I know it, the next monday will be here and we will be emailing again.  But! LOVE YOU

Liebe Grüß
Elder Bretzing

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