Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 9

Hey Mom,
Another fast week has gone by.  It is crazy to think that I have been on my mission for almost 4 months.  I have no idea where this time is all going.  I think I will start with the blessings from this week this time.

We went finding on Tuesday, and because of our schedule, we only had time to go finding for about 30 mins, and then we had an appointment afterwards.  We were just walking out of our apartment and I was thinking, should we start talking to people now, or wait till we get closer to the middle of the city.  As what the heck.... lets start now.  That is what we were thinking at the time and we decided to talk to this one lady, one of our neighbors, and she just talked our heads off!!! She used all 30 mins that we had to go finding.  I was trying to interrupt her and at least ask if we could set up an apointment or what not, but she just kept talking.  Eventually, she ran out of things to say and so we were able to give her our card and then we had to run to our next appointment.  Well, the best part, was that she called us back on Sunday.  We had no idea who she was when she called us, and she asked if we could meet up that day.  So we had a good meeting with her on Sunday, able to leave a Book of Mormon with her, and we are hoping to meet up with her this week. 

We also had an appointment with this wonderful lady, Frau Meiwald.  She is the kindest lady to the missionaries, and she knows her stuff when it comes to the Book of Mormon.  She has been investigating the church for almost 3 years, and so we had some success with her husband.  For the first time, he stayed in the room to listen to our message.  She was so excited to see that and she told us that she would make sure that they both did what we asked them to do.  That was really great to see.  We believe that if we get to meet with Herr Meiwald some more, then we might be able to make some good progress with the both of them.  

 This week has also been met with some hardships.  So on Friday, we had an appointment with an potential investigator and her daughter.  Her daughter seems really interested in the church, but we havent been able to set up a meeting because there is no man present.  And so this time, our joint teach fell out, and we called them and asked if their would be a man there.  They must of misunderstood us because they said yea and not to worry.  So, we arrive and there was no man present.  We unfortunately could not come in and teach them.  And the mom was a little upset about that and basically said that we would see each other in November.  That was the hardest part.  And she told her son to shake our hands, because he might not see us again.  It was tough to see that happen, but I also am faithful that there will be blessings that come forth from this trial.  There are always blessings when we keep and obey commandments.  I believe that.  
Our mission has set a goal to have 125 baptisms by the end of the year.  And I look forward to that trying not to fear or to be afraid.  I just need to put all my hope and trust in the Lords hands in order to accomplish this goal.  I want to do my best and be here and serve with all my might that we can accomplish this goal.  And I feel that Elder Larsen and I have set some really good goals to help us accomplish that.  

Favorite Food so far?... I would have to say schoko musli.  The best breakfast cereal I have ever eaten. 
Have I tried the chocolate?... Mother... Please.... this is your son your speaking too.  Actually, with some of our older investigators, they usually give us cakes and chocolates after our visits with them.  Best chocolate, now that would be a much harder question to answer.
Monday's we really try to get out and see the sights, but it gets tough with cleaning the apartment, and our email time takes a while since there is only one computer in the ward building in Meißen.  But we try the most we can.  We are going to go see the dedicatory sight either next week or the week after.  Today, we are visitng a little fall market in the middle of town and they have a little swap meet, so that will be fun.

And yes I know you love me.  I hope you all know that I love you too.  Your all in my prayers

Elder Bretzing

P.s. can you ask aunt judy a little more about our indian line and if we know our tribes and what not?  we have a few investigators that are just completely fancinated that I am of Native American decent.


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