Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 7- For Pops

Hey Dad,
This week has been tough.  Yeah, we really do not go door to door.  So, from what I have seen, Germans do not like it when you waste their time.  So, we were trained that to go finding.  And basically, you just walk up to people and start bearing your testimony about a part of the gospel.  It is really different.  You cannot go up to a german and say hi how is your day going because they take it way to personally.  We have some street displays but when we put those up, people think we are jehovahs witnesses and they really dont like them here.  And, so Raju told us he was going on vacation, but then the next day we saw his wife on the train, and she speaks no english or german, so we decided to stop by this week, and he is there.  He leaves for his vacation in October, but we really cannot procede without a translator so we make sure he understands.  It could be possible that I am training a new missionary, but I honestly have no idea.  The language is still tough, but I try not to let it get me frustrated anymore.  It is tough some days, but I just try to laugh it off. 
Well, I gotta go, but you are all in my prayers and I know that Heavenly Father will watch over everything. 
Elder Bretzing

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