Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 23- Sharing the Gospel with a Capri-sun

Hallo Loving Family,                                                                       1/5/15

I cannot believe that another week has come and gone.  Wow.  Time goes by really fast.  We have not had our transfer call yet.  We will recieve that this Saturday or Friday evening.  I am not certain what is going to happen, it is a good possibility that I leave and go somewhere else, however, we will see.  So if you send anything to me, please please please send it to the Mission Home and next week, I will let you know if I stay or go.  

 But there has alot that has happened this week.  Where to start off.... 

So, this week we were able to celebrate the New Year with a family in the branch, called the Berge's.  They invited us over, and we were able to eat some really good german food, and they come from south Germany, and alot of southern Germans know alot of english, so the entire time we were helping them practicing their german.  And it is really crazy here in Germany when it comes to fireworks, especially here in the East.  Because, everyone is able to go over and buy really cheap, but really loud fireworks from the Czech and from Poland to, so it was really loud.  No matter what time it was, even at 4 o clock to 4 o clock on January 2!  there was still fireworks going off.  It was pretty crazy.  And what alot of people or should I said teenage punks, is that they buy these fireworks that look like grenades, and they set them off and they throw them into parking lots, or sometimes when it gets crazy, they will throw them into the street.  So we made sure we stayed in our apartment during that time. 

There was also a really funny expierence and great one that happened to us this week.  So, normally, how we get around all the little villages that we go to, is by train.  We use the train almost every day.  And they are smart.  They put vending machines here and those things are like my kryptonite.  So we were at a train station, and I was really thirsty.  P.S. Capri-suns are like a big thing over here.  And I looked into the vending machine and this little girl next to me pointed out that there was a capri sun stuck in the machine.  And so I decided to try to loosen it by buying another capri sun.  So i got two capri suns for the price of one!  That is not the miracle, the miracle is that I decided that I did not need two, just one, and I asked the little girl if she would like the other one.  She looked very happy and said Yeah!  And the mother was standing there the whole time, and when she saw that we were nice, she started to talk to us.  We then brought up what we do and why we are here.  We came to find out that she actually met other missionaries, and that for some reason they lost contact.  But she was really interested and so we were able to give her our number with our address to our ward building and a book of mormon.  It was a great expierence, and it shows me how a little act of kindness can open doors and new opportunities.  We know a little bit about where she lives, but no where exactly, so this week I think we are going to go and try and find her.  I am pretty confident that we will either find her or she will call us back.  

Also, something great this week, is that we were able to find another translator for our investigator, Raju.  He was our Hindi investigator, and we met with him this last week and he made the decision that he wants to get baptized.  We were able to set him a date next month, and we will be working with him to help prepare him so he will be ready to make this commitment with Heavenly Father.  He is so excited and we have been teaching him how to pray properly and he says that he feels God whenever he prays now and he has a desire to return back to heavenly father.  So we will be working with him close this next week.  

The firsts have been tough for me here too.  And I truly understand when you have people that do not know what to say.  I still know that they love me and sometimes I have to be patient with them when they are trying to help me, but I know how that feels.  The best way that I have faced with it, is to just keep going forward, and to know that soon the firsts will get easier and easier to handle. 

But things have been going good here, tell me all about how people are doing back at home.  Kristina told me she was trying to come and see you, has she come yet?  Let me know about everything!

I love you all and I am grateful for all your prayers and you are never to far from my mind.

With all my love,
Elder Bretzing

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